Jun 05 2009

How Are You Being With All the Changes?

I hope you noticed I didn’t ask how you’re DOING. . . because doingness isn’t where it’s at these days. Beingness is.

The energy fields have been accelerating in both intensity and frequency for several years now, and we humans are changing dramatically as a result. This is not only planetary, it’s Universal. Our Universe is going through a major transition, and all who are conscious are helping to shape what happens. To even think that such a thing is possible, well, it comes close to blowing your mind. Unless you’re already aware that this is what’s going on, aware that THIS is why you “signed on” for this lifetime, aware that you have a part to play in everything that happens.

If you didn’t know, I invite you to stay connected with Source, use your intuition, and learn as much as possible. Go with what resonates for you ~ and do NOT worry whether it seems like you’re the only one going that direction. Whether you are or aren’t isn’t relevant — what matters deeply is that you follow your Soul’s promptings, and move in the direction your own higher self wants you to go. You may or may not have company on this leg of the journey; but do be aware that each one of is us moving in directions that are right for us, or trying to find what IS right, for right now. It’s like a grand dance, where you can’t see the other dancers because we all have special “masks” on that doesn’t allow us to see everything at once. But we can feel it! Trust what you feel.

I’d love to hear how you all are doing, and what you notice. Our sharing these things helps us all “dance” better — and recognize that we ARE dancing. (Sometimes it’s kinda hard to tell. . . ) But whether it feels like dancing to you or not, I bet you know the steps if you allow yourself to know what you REALLY know!

And remember to take time to rest and attune to the natural world. The beauty that is all around you will feed you in ever more special ways; soak it up 🙂


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