Dec 22 2008

A Holiday Gift For You

Some of you have written to me with concerns about what’s going to happen,with the world economic news so grim. First of all, we know that what you resist persists — so it’s important to get your consciousness in gear to keep focused on what you WANT instead of what you DON”T WANT.

If you do nothing else but that, you will be in better shape than if you stay glued to the TV watching the gloom and doom. I want us all to understand how to thrive in tough times! You can do it.

In 2009 I will be putting together some new classes for anyone who wants to learn the Science of Co-Creation and Manifestation. Watch here for some announcements about that.

And now, here’s a gift I’ve managed to snag from a friend of mine, Michael Green. He wrote a new ebook that contains 101 Tips to Beat the Recession, and it can help you take some of the practical steps that you also need to take. (You start with your mind, and then you get into right and effective action. This book falls into the latter category — it shows you WHAT steps you need to take.)

So, here it is:

>> How To Beat Recession — 101 ‘Must Have’ Recession-Busting Hints & Tips <<

Now normally Michael’s toolkits retail for a fortune, but on this occasion he has
been kind enough to offer a copy to my readers without charge, but only if you
download your copy now.

I’ve read this excellent new ebook and would guess that even if you implement
just a handful of the 101 recession-busting ideas during 2009, you’ll be laughing —
because you’ll know how to power through it all.

Download it right now at:
How To Beat Recession

Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays ~ and A Peaceful, Prosperous New Year!

Nancy Boyd

P.S. This is a special gift for you — grab it while you can:

How To Beat The Recession
P.P.S. Don’t forget to get your OTHER free ebook while you’re in the downloading mood; just click on the Project Powerful and Positive image in the sidebar and your free ebook will be right there for you.



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