May 24 2007

Help Your Mother (No, Not THAT One, Your Earth Mother!)

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This message comes through a Native American newsletter written by Pathfinder Ewing.

*Prayers for The Ring of Fire*

As regular readers may recall, I do not believe in coincidences. Things always happen for a reason. We may not know why, maybe not ever, but the synchronicity of events is always occurring whether we notice it or not.

So, I?m drawn to a note from a reader in Australia who says she has been feeling that the area of the Northwest in the U.S. and her area are connected, and in danger.

I wrote her back that the Ring of Fire is always barely slumbering and needs our prayers to keep below a destructive level. If you will notice, you?ll see that the Ring of Fire, that causes earthquakes around the globe, circles up, around and through the Americas and Australia; so, her intuition is on target as far as a connection.

[Editors’ note: if you look on a map of the Pacific Ocean, you will see that the continents the surround the Ocean form a rough circle, like a bowl. This is what is meant by the Ring of Fire — it’s the area where the Earth’s tectonic plates are most volatile, and where undersea volcanic eruptions are common.]

It would be a good thing to keep the Ring of Fire in our prayers.

Note that on May 16, Shoshone Spiritual Elder Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau will be holding ceremony to bring balance to the Earth at Lake Tahoe, Nev. He writes: ?On May 16th, 2007, we will gather again with many Indigenous Nations with their drums and sacred instruments for the final activation of this Seven Pointed Star (Medicine Wheel Ceremony). This time to activate the two remaining sites in order to make a six-pointed star. The seventh point will be the lake, itself. Water will be brought in from all over the world from those attending. We will go to the seven sites and activate them with prayer and song.?

People all over the Earth are invited to join in the ceremony. To read more, see:

Read this report


Earth Wisdom Foundation

Thanks, Jim, for this. Let’s all remember our Mother the Earth in all our prayers.


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