Aug 12 2008

What’s Healthy?

There is so much confusion out there these days about what is healthy ~ not just for Indigos, but for everyone ~ that I wanted to share a link with you that puts things in a way you can understand.

The What’s Healthy web site is a not-for-profit venture that has no ties to the food industry (or to the supplement industry, either.) I like the approach and I think you will find it easy to follow, too.

For Indigos, however, I would add a couple more items:

  • Spirulina or some form of high-vibration greens (such as super-bluegreen algae)
  • Vegetarian diet is best if possible. Get proteins from nuts, seeds and grains (dairy if need be and if you can tolerate it well — but only organic dairy products.)
  • Flower essences. I know, I know — it’s not “food”! But it’s important for the healthy maintenance of your super-sensitive electrical systems.
  • Avoid sugar. If you MUST eat sweets, use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, stevia, or molasses.
  • Avoid EVERYTHING processed. It will hurt you.

If you have been eating things that do not increase your life-force energy, you are putting yourself at risk for things you don’t want — things as simple as wide emotional swings, to depression, to poor health. Care about your body as much as you care about what’s right to do and be here on this planet; your body is the vehicle that allows you to be here!

(Well, umm, that should be obvious, right?? The kids and parents I talk with? They say it’s not. That’s why I’m talking about it here. It matters. A lot!)

Here’s that link again.


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