Jan 21 2009

How Good Can It Get?


Here is the media release I just posted on PR Web this morning:

Empowerment Company Shifts Focus To Reward Customers Who Serve

While everyone else is asking “How bad is this economy going to get?” a Briarcliff Manor-based empowerment company came up with a novel twist that trades customers’ documented service hours for steep discounts on goods and services. Inspired by the Obama family’s call to a national day of service on Monday, January 19, 2009, the innovative plan asks a new question instead:”How good can it get?”

In exchange for documented service by groups or individuals, Bright Wings, Inc. announced today that it will create a program of equivalent discounts called “Bright Wings Bucks” . The “Bucks” can be used toward purchases of all Bright Wings goods and services, up to 100% of retail value.

Our motto has always been “Cool Things For People Who Are Up To Something Good” ~ so it’s a natural shift for us to reward customers even further for doing just that.” said Nancy Boyd, President and CEO of Bright Wings, Inc.

The program is intended to inspire customers to get involved at ever more personal levels with what needs to be done right where they live; when customers do community service work (and can document it), they will get a little something extra from Bright Wings. One service hour equals one Bright Wings Buck, or 1% discount from the retail price of all goods and services. Boyd says that some restrictions apply, to limit the quantities to one product or service per person per month.

But there’s an even brighter bonus available. If the customer chooses to donate their Bright Wings Bucks to someone who needs the product or service, Bright Wings will double the value of the amount in their account. This feature makes giving even more attractive option than mere service hours, and provides added incentive for customer generosity.

“We’re not a large company, but we see over and over that generosity and micro-philanthropy really pays off. The more we’re able to give and be of service, the more we thrive,” said Boyd. “We know that what goes around comes around, so we try to be thought leaders in how we choose to serve our community and our world. We’re now asking our customers to partner with us even more deeply in creating a better world one person at a time.”
The new “Bright Wings Bucks” program will take effect as soon as the main web site ( http://www.brightwings.com ) can be updated to handle the documentation process. The launch of the program will be announced on the website and through media releases as soon as it’s ready.


So readers: tell me what you think! Any suggestions? Comments?
Most of all, I’d love to hear how my decision will inspire YOU to take action to contribute something special to our world, right here and right now.

Thank you so much and many blessings!


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  1. Tracyon 21 Jan 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Very cool idea…
    This reminds me of “Pay it forward” a movie I LOVE. Perhaps i will try some kind of experiment that will become contagious. This has inspired me to be open to ideas that will impact others in a positive way.. thanks!

  2. pattyon 21 Jan 2009 at 4:55 pm

    it is very inspiring and generous of you. I am feeling on a large vibrational pull to strive to be a better person from the inside out so as to generate a loving and giving force to all around me and reading about your idea is wonderful!

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