Nov 07 2008

Why Flower Essences Help

This post is a longer answer to Krystal’s comment.

She asked if I knew a way to help her release feelings of fear, anger and pain. The short answer is, there is hope! There are many paths for healing, but I’d like to tell you one of my favorites: flower essences. Here’s why.

  • Flower essences are the only thing that corrects the human electrical system. It works to change electrical patterns at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. There are essences to help you release karma and karmic effects, as well as to release any negative emotions.
  • Flower essences are generally inexpensive, have NO side effects, do not interfere with any medication or diet, and are safe even for babies.
  • They work fast! You will usually see benefits from taking flower essences within 1-2 weeks, but many Indigos can tell immediately that there is something good happening.
  • At some point the changes will be permanent. (You will know when that happens.) You don’t need to take them forever.

One of the reasons that I know so much about flower essences is that they worked so well for me that people started asking me which flowers to use for different things. They saw how the flowers were helping me, and they wanted to know more.

So I studied and got certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner; I now specialize in making custom blended formulas for people and animals. And I do a fair amount of private label work for other companies.

You can go to my other blog, Dances With Flowers, and get tons of information about flower essences before you decide if that is what you would like to use to help you quickly and easily release your unwanted feelings. A good place to start is the tab at the top of the page that says New Here? There’s LOTS of information on that page, that answers most of the questions you might have. And if you still have more questions? Ask me! I will respond to you 🙂

Another easy tool that I find very effective for myself and for other is a Native American aromatherapy spray called Liquid Smudge. This dispels negativity, uplifts your spirits, and cleanses your aura ~ immediately. You can visit here to learn more about that: We used a lot of this after 9/11, especially with the children who were afraid to go to sleep at night. The Liquid Smudge allowed them to easily sleep deeply, free from nightmares. It’s great and I highly recommend it.

There are other methods, too, but I would start with these and then see what remains to be cleared. You may be delighted and surprised to find how easily and quickly you can transform even the most challenging feelings, using these natural tools.

Hope this helps!


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