Sep 26 2005

Finding Resources For Our Indigo Children

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Many parents with children who ?don?t fit in? — some diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, some with behavioral challenges, some wise beyond their years, and some, well, just ?different? ? can find help for their children from an unexpected resource: Reiki healers!

Many of our children are coming in with attributes that require different solutions than the current system is set up to deliver:

  • They need to move their bodies more frequently, as a way to process the energies they experience either from the learning experience itself or from their fellow students and environment.
  • They have multiple kinds of intelligence — and multiple learning styles.
  • They are gifted in one or more areas — not necessarily academically.
  • They thrive when they are given the opportunity to help create their own solutions.
  • They are supersensitive to stimuli, as well as what they ingest (re: what they eat and drink.) They may respond by having allergies and/or asthma.

If your child is one of these supersensitive kids, then you might want to consider trying Reiki. Reiki practitioners are trained to work with the movement of energy, which is one of the urgent needs such children have — and will benefit from. It is a natural symbiosis for the Reiki healer to work with sensitive children, since there is likely to be a spiritual connection for the children with someone who understands energy like Reiki healers do — and the healers will almost surely understand the children as well.

If your family has one or more of the ?New Kids? (as described above), then seek out and try Reiki for them. You might be startled and amazed at the changes in your child when s/he has the foundational support that really helps them be who they really are, without having to fit into someone else?s idea of what that is ?supposed? to be. You can expect anything from physical to emotional and behavioral changes as a result.

If you are really bold, add some yoga, biofeedback, flower essences, and meditation for your child on top of it — show them how to find the quiet place inside when they need it — and they will quickly learn how to monitor themselves throughout the day.


Nancy Boyd is an Adult/Elder Indigo, who coaches parents, teens, and childrenon issues of daily concern. She is also a Certified Bach Flower Therapist, specializing in creating custom blended formulas for people, children, and their pets. We invite you to subscribe to this blog and our newsletters, to learn more.



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