Jul 22 2009

What Do the Eclipses Mean?

This summer we have three important eclipses:   one solar (July 21st) brakcted by two lunar eclipses, which is unusual.  What’s more common is a solar eclipse paired with a lunar eclipse, but rarely two lunar eclipses as we have this year.

Solar Corona

Solar Corona

But what do they mean?

This week I got emails from all over about these eclipses.  Some people were alarmed and thought they could portend great calamities, either for governments or for natural disasters.  Some people worried about the energy fields that produce wars (as if we don’t have enough wars already.)  And others felt it to be a call for prayer and meditation, as an opportunity to reattune with Source.  I saw newspaper accounts of people around the globe who believe that the energy from the solar eclipses in particular can harm or deform babies in utero; in these places pregnant women were hiding in darkened rooms,,to avoid any contact with the “rays”.

Honestly, some of these fears are probably almost genetic.  Before humans had an explanation for what happens during an eclipse, it was probably very scary.  And for want of knowledge about the event, their imaginations created an answer that fit their belief systems at the time.  Isn’t that human nature?  If you’re a pessimist, you look for confirmation about what you believe — and seem to easily find it.  Likewise with an optimist.  Based on the exact same events!

So what do these eclipses mean?  First I’d say to connect with Source and see what you intuit.  You can also visit some of the many esoteric astrology sites to see what trained astrologers are saying about these events.    Next, I’ll offer my own views on what they mean.

Because the solar eclipse was in the last degree of Cancer, and proceeding into Leo ~ and because of the positions and aspects of the other planets during this time ~ there are strong indications that the eclipse draws out the last remnants of whatever family dramas or patterns that need to be released, to give us all a chance to let go of them before moving ahead with what we intend to create and become as a human family.  We can see the major issues that are crying to be healed in our time:

  • poverty and economic instability
  • governing systems that do not serve all the people
  • power-with vs. power-over
  • medicine and health care for everyone
  • protecting and sustaining a healthy planet, with clean air and water available for all living things

Whatever has been keeping us from perfectly manifesting a world where these issues are no longer plaguing us, it’s time to dismantle and release them now.  And the idea that it’s not only OK to do that — but necessary and desirable — is what this eclipse is all about.

The energy we have been wanting, to help us create heaven on earth, is finally here.  Now it’s up to each of us to choose it.

What do YOU think?  Are you feeling this too?  Or is it different for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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