Jul 23 2008

Hello Dolly!

Now that Hurricane Dolly is making landfall and kicking up some serious surf, it’s once again time to renew your meditations about storms, the elements, and weather in all its forms — wind, water, earth, air — and find the right ways to interact consciously with Nature, for a greater good.

The summer storm season has officially begun, and with it the possibility to expand the ways that humans can work co-creatively with Nature. How is this possible?

From my viewpoint, how is it NOT possible for humans to do this? Only if you have forgotten that you are literally made of each of the elements — part of All-That-Is — can you even conceive that Nature is separate from you or from anyone or anything.

Secondly, it’s way past time that humans just get over our arrogance and silly affectations of superiority. Nature is quite intelligent! From my co-creative experiences working with Nature, I have to say that I am continually humbled by what I learn, and by how far superior the natural world’s intelligence is than mine. And I’m Indigo!

For years, I have consistently tested in the genius ranges, at all ages of my life — so if I can say without a doubt that Nature is far more intelligent than I am (and probably more intelligent that you are, too) — then if you want to continue believing something else, be my guest. But you’re missing out on something extraordinary — the chance to discover a new relationship, and new possibilities, for our world.

In order to work co-creatively with Nature, the first thing that has to happen is for humans to stop thinking we are superior. We’re not. We just aren’t. Period. Get over that. The sooner the better.

Accept that Nature is supremely intelligent, and start to get curious about what there might be to learn. If you were to be able to speak — and receive information — from Nature, what would you want to know? What might be possible as a result?

Drop the attitude, if you have one, my friend, and enter a new world.

For starters, tune in and see what Dolly has to tell us about her mission here — what is her purpose, and how is she doing with that? What would you like “her” to do or be instead? (Remember that the weather service names hurricanes, alternating male and female names. In fact, storms have no gender identity. They just are what they are.)

Go ahead and play with the concept of “talking” with Nature. I’d love to hear about your experiences here on this blog. Just add your questions or comments, and let’s see where this goes.


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