“Not all conversations will change your life, but any conversation can.”
– The Satellite Sisters

Coaching is becoming one of the leading tools that people use to create extraordinary lives. For Indigos and their families, this means something special: your lives are ALREADY extraordinary!

Having a life you love means that you can be fully who you are, even if it seems as though no one else understands you. Your Indigo Coach does understand, having already traveled many of the same roads you may.

Having a coach gives you the edge you need to be YOU, to appreciate you for who you are, and to acknowledge both the challenges and joys of being fully human and awake. Your values are celebrated and aligned through coaching. Your coach helps you create more joy, intimacy, energy, financial abundance, focus, and inspired action in every area of your life.

The top players in every field have a mentor or coach to guide them.

When you work with a coach, you learn to:

  • Set better goals
  • Do more than you would have done by yourself
  • Focus better, in order to get better results more quickly
  • Create environments that support you AT YOUR BEST
  • Cherish yourself in new ways, grow, and evolve into who you came here to be
  • Create what you want in healthy, sustainable ways
  • Take more, better, and smarter actions
  • Make better decisions
  • Reach for more — MUCH more!
  • Have a balanced life that really works for you

Coaching is neither therapy nor consulting. Coaching is a new profession, one where a respectful conversation engages you fully. I ask provocative questions, (and you may, too) but you provide your own answers about your life through our partnership together. My only agenda is your success AS YOU DEFINE IT.

At its best, coaching is an inspirational partnership.
I coach, you win.

Why Hire A Coach?

  • To inspire yourself
  • To reorient around a soul-based operating system
  • To clarify how to make your unique contribution in the world
  • To validate your unique “you-ness”
  • To receive support and inspiration for who you are becoming
  • To gain a sounding board and a champion
  • To co-create strategies for thriving and navigating in a world that may not understand or appreciate you and your gifts
  • To have someone who understands validate what you’re experiencing and help you find meaning in your experience
  • To have someone ask the RIGHT questions, that will unlock doors for you and reveal more possibility

The best reason to hire a coach is because you know deep down that you can have a GREAT life, and you really want that for yourself. Your coach knows the way but YOU have the answers!

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I have never gotten off the phone with Nancy without at least two things:

1) At least one idea (usually more) that I didn’t have before the call
2) A sense of life’s possibilities.

My sessions with Nancy always leave me with a sense of positive energy and remind me of the abundance that’s available in The Universe. Prior to my working with her, I had no idea that this level of support was even available. Now that I know, I want to tell everyone.
~ Steve W.

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