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Sep 16 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

That was one big storm system for sure! While I suppose no one is happy with the damage and loss of life that resulted, readers of this blog can know one thing for certain (and it’s no small comfort, this. . . ): it could have been so much worse, without the work we did.

Here’s why.

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Sep 11 2008

Messing With Mother Nature ~ Again

This week as we got new reports about the Hadron Collider experiment underway in Switzerland, I couldn’t help but wonder if this enormously expensive project is really worth it. Obviously, many scientists and nations seem to think so.

But, what is the true cost of this project?

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Sep 10 2008

More Work With Hurricane Ike Ahead

First of all, I want to acknowledge the powerful destruction in the islands, caused by the recent storms. I wish we had been able to do more work sooner, to prevent some of the hardest-hit areas that are least able to deal with that level of disruption and loss. My condolences. These areas will be in my prayers for comfort and healing.

Secondly, our work is not done yet with Hurricane Ike. There is a pickup of energy as the system enters the Gulf (as I thought might happen) — so, we need once again to return to the meditations and work co-creatively with Ike to see if we can request that the core strength be reduced, and to disburse the energy over a wider area so that its impact in any one area is greatly reduced also. In our previous work with Ike, Continue Reading »

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Sep 09 2008

Ike Responded!

Today I checked the hurricane maps and reports and was so glad to see that Hurricane Ike responded to our work. The storm has been downgraded to a Category One, the trajectory has changed to more than 20 degrees off its original course (originally headed directly towards New Orleans, but now toward the Texas Gulf area), and the core strength has dissipated over a broader area, as we requested.

Now that we have had successful experience with more than four major storm systems in a rowl, i think we can say that this works! You are all awesome! Thank you.

Now, let’s keep our antennae focused on TS Lowell forming out in the East Atlantic, and take a look at the Pacific area just to make it complete. There’s been some seismic activity on the West Coast lately, and I think it might be a good idea to do some meditations on the elements in that region — as well as globally.

Lives and property were saved because you cared. They may never know. That’s OK with me. Hope it’s OK with you, too. We’re not doing this for the glory; we’re doing because we can — and because we care. And because we want to respectfully learn more about how to work co-creatively with Nature. That respect thing? It’s key. Never lose sight of it!

Many blessings of love and light,


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Sep 08 2008

Tracking Hurricane Ike

Good work on reducing the potency of this storm as it approaches Cuba! But now we need to work on diffusing the core strength and disbursing the intensity over a wider area. When it reaches the Gulf area, the weather patterns are in place for it to increase in both strength and velocity.

Here’s what we need to do. . .

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Sep 07 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is growing in strength and velocity. The area it affects is huge and growing. But when I have been working with this storm system, I notice that the center of the storm is very coherent and responsive. There is more work to do with this storm, if we have any hope of preventing a disaster when it reaches landfall (as it most certainly will.)

Here are my suggestions.

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Sep 05 2008

Hurricanes: We Need Some Help Here

Hurricane Hanna is about to make landfall in the Carolinas, with two more behind that. Hanna is going to play out just fine, bringing some much-needed rainfall to some of the states like Georgia that have been having a bad summer drought.

We did some good work with Hanna! The effects are going to be great. Thank you for working with Nature and the elements to co-create a beautiful outcome.

But Hurricane ike is a different kind of storm.. Let’s talk about what we can do.

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Sep 03 2008

Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and Josephine

Holy cow, we’re getting an entire “family” of hurricanes in one week! Thank you, and good work, people — with Gustav; enough people got on board at the last minute to assist with the co-creation work Thanks!. (You know who you are <grin>!)

But Fay and Gustav were just for starters. We have some real work ahead of us out there.

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Aug 31 2008

More on Hurricane Gustav

We still have time to work with Storm System Gustav. As of this writing it’s on a trajectory to make landfall in the New Orleans area, but Gustav can make some important changes if we gather enough energy to communicate with the elements..

What I learned in my work so far with Gustav is that it CAN turn course, AND decrease intensity. The storm system does have some clearing work to do, so expect rain and some wind — but it doesn’t have to be destructive. Look at how Fay worked it out, for example.

What seems like a potentially important piece of work here would be to request a course correction of up to 30 degrees westward, as well as for the intensity of the storm to occur over water rather than land. If together we can get that much change, I think we can call it a success.
One thing that’s important to note here: we are NOT trying to interefere with anything. We are intending to work co-creatively with Nature. And this, my friends, is exciting and important work. Please see my related posts for further resources and notes. And please do add your comments if you believe you have important information about Gustav and/or storm systems to share with others.

We also have some work to do with Hanna out in the Atlantic. That one needs to be turned back out to sea.

Let’s make this work for all sentient beings. Our work can save lives and property, so please join — and send this post on to others.

Thank you for your kindness and Light Work.

More as soon as we get additional information.

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Aug 29 2008

Hurricane Gustav

A new storm system is heading directly for the Gulf of Mexico. I only have a few moments to be online to get this message out to you, so please forward this to anyone you feel would benefit from the information.

The links to my previous posts about Tropical Storm Fay are here — go to that post and follow the links in it, to get updated storm info and meditation suggestions. Continue Reading »

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