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Mar 25 2010

Shaking It Up — Big Time

In the past 30 days, there have been more than 100 earthquakes around the planet.  In case you were wondering, that’s a LOT!

Besides the unusually large number, here are some other significant items:

  • More than 30 of those quakes were above 6.0 on the Richter scale.  Those are some big earthquakes — and a lot of them.
  • Three of the quakes were REALLY big:  7.0, 8.3, and 8.5.
  • There is growing activity and increase in the number of quakes along the “Ring of Fire” area in the Pacific — so called because the fault lines form a ring and include volcanic areas.
  • While most of the quakes were “shallow” (which can still cause plenty of damage) a high proportion of them were quite deep within the earth — some as much as 5-600 kilometers or more deep.  Those particular earthquakes signal major shifts in the earth’s core.

As we approach Earth Day (April 22nd) it would be a good idea for us all to remember that we are intimately connected with our Mother Earth.  We can help, even with such things as increasing earth movement.

This coming weekend, people around the planet will be taking one hour in the evening (from 8:30 to 9:30 pm to turn off the lights, turn off all electrical appliances, and just enjoy the evening — naturally.  Will you be among them?  This is one thing that you can do.  Yes, it’s a small thing — but the small things add up.  And help us remember there is much more we need to do.

Another thing you can do is to join those of us who are doing healing work with the planet, through meditation and consciousness.  Here is a link to some of the earlier meditations we’ve done.  Even though this meditation was about summer storms, it would be a good idea to repeat them now.  They will be useful for all kinds of earth healing activities.

And last but not least, here is a post I wrote on one of my other blogs, over at my Bright Wings site, on the Vernal Equinox.  You may find it useful as well.

If the earth (or other changes) are shaking YOU up a bit, pay attention.  Change is good.  We can help make it easier.  Don’t forget that we are all connected.  Stay connected with Source, with one another, and with the planet.

If there are things you are doing, feeling, or noticing that you think would help too, I’d love to hear about them.  Please comment below.

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Sep 04 2009

Labor Day Musings

This coming Monday is a Labor Day holiday in the US, and for many people it’s a time to kick back and relax with family and friends, do some fun things out of doors if possible, and generally shift gears.  If you’re a parent, your kids either have already started back to school, or they will soon.


Labor Day is also kind of like a hinge.  it separates summer activities from the start of a school year, and all the things that happen during the autumn months.  Most people say that there is a noticeable shift in the energy.  Today you will probably start to feel the energy shifting big time, because it’s a full moon in Pisces, very intuitive and robust.  Most Indigos are going to feel great!

But next week starts one of Mercury’s periodic retrogrades — when you can experience mechanical failures, mis-communications, delays in travel, and so on.  That’s annoying for many people, but I actually LIKE the retrograde times, because it’s a great time to complete things that have already been started.  And believe me, I have tons of THOSE sitting around here!  Mercury retrograde gives me the perfect energy I need to get those things done and out of the way.  I’m looking forward to it.

And finally, the weather patterns are starting to gear up for some real storm activity over all the oceans.  You can call it global warming or whatever you like, the point is:  we all have to deal with it.  Please review my earlier posts about weather and storm meditations, and get ready to go into action the minute you hear about storm systems building, or whenever you start feeling an overload inside your own body.  Those are signs that something is brewing — and we CAN make a difference through our conscious connections.  I hope you will join me in this.

More news soon about the amazing Ringing Cedars Series.  I just ordered the inventory, and my webmaster is busy getting our site ready for you to place orders.  I will post something here about each of the books and DVDs, so that you can see what’s up.  I know you will love them as much as I do and want to get several copies for friends or family members.

Have a great weekend!

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Aug 20 2009

Much Going On In The Universe These Days

Because there is so much energy shifting right now, and many of you are wondering “What the heck is going on here?” — I decided it’s time to share with you some more links, to articles and sites that offer some explanations and insight to this question.  I know that I have had more than one “Aha!” moment by reading them, and I think they might be of value to you as well.

So here they are (in no particular order):

Karen Bishop has some new books out, and quite a lot to say about how the shifts are affecting you — and some helpful suggestions for what to do about it.  I like reading her insights even when they don’t precisely match what I’m experiencing — because sooner or later someone will ask me about the same thing 🙂 Visit her site here.  Be sure to check the latest report, in case there’s a new one posted.

Patricia Cota-Robles talks about an event happening August 15-20th, 2009 in Tucson, Arizona:  a World Congress on Illumination.  Through the Law of Resonance, all humans of like heart and mind can participate in stabilizing the extraordinary amount of Light that is awakening throughout the Universe, whether the timing of the event is “now” or “past”.  It’s worth a look at her site to learn more:  Era of Peace. (Enjoy the nice music, too!)

And last but certainly not least, Tom Kenyon channels an entity known as the Hathors, who have some important things to say about the predicted Swine Flu pandemic, how to stay well, and how to stay centered through the current and coming changes.  I personally liked these a lot!  They are very hopeful and empowering. Here are the latest links I suggest you read:

Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations

Ecstasy and The Heart on how to focus (this should help those of you who wonder if you have ADD. . . )

The Holon of Balance on thriving through the earth changes

The Holon of Ascension on how to adjust during the solar storms and flares, and how they will affect you

The common thread I find in all these messages is this:

  • Stay centered and connected to Source no matter WHAT happens!
  • Turn from both fear and anger in yourself and when you encounter it in others; refuse to participate
  • Keep breathing and seek the joy
  • Remember the 11:11 (as above, so below) — and follow the 11:11 Laws to your best ability)

These steps will serve you well always, not just under challenging circumstances.  Make it your business to master them — and then teach it to others if they ask 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions about these topics; I’d be happy to respond.

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Aug 20 2009

New Summer Storms Alert: Atlantic Ocean

Hey everyone, looks like I spoke too soon about the summer storms.  We had a nice “break” but things are stirring up again globally and we need your help to get things back in harmony.  The energies from the triple eclipses have triggered some weather events that could use some adjusting.

Hurricane Bill is kicking up some surf in the Atlantic, and we could use some help getting this system turned harmlessly toward the open sea instead of land.  Those of you who have been working with the earth energies and flow, know what to do.  Go do that.

For any of you who may not have been involved with co-creative work with Nature before, here is are two links to learn more about what you can do.  It’s pretty easy, really. . .and very skillful use of your consciousness.  I hope you will join us in this work.

To learn more, go here and here.

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Aug 10 2009

Weather Alert

While the forecasts for the Atlantic were way off base this year (and scientists have since downgraded their predictions to reflect an unusually calm summer) we;ve got trouble in the Pacific Ocean.  Giant storms have hit the coasts of Japan and China, and a possible tsumani warning has just been issued for the southeast coast of India.

Not getting accurate or timely global news in the US is a definite challenge, but as soon as I hear something I will let you know about it.  That’s what I’m doing right now.

All those who meditate or work with Nature are called to connect immediately with the air, waters, and storm systems all over the world, especially in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans.  We want to ask Nature to discharge its energy in a way that causes no harm to life forms or property; that is the general principle.  We have proven time and again that this is not only possible, but a desirable way to help things remain stable.

If you would like a link to some of our previous meditations about working with the weather and Nature, go here and here.

We can make a difference; I’m sorry we got a late start on this one, but if you connect as soon get this message, and pass it along to your friends, there is still time to prevent it from being even worse.

When I get a chance I will try to find storm maps and see if I can link to them from here.

As always, thank you so much for your light, and for the love you carry for all living things!

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Jul 29 2009

Keeping Up With The Energy Shifts ~ Or Not

These days things change so fast, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, let alone calibrate what’s going on and what it means — on a personal level as well as for our human consciousness.  That’s why I like to read other blogs and check in on what others are noticing; often their reflections mirror my own, and give me some validation.

One of the sites I like for this is Karen Bishop’s What’s Up On Planet Earth (which now has a new web site called Emerging Earth Angels.)  Her latest post talks about the kind of strange “lull” some of us have been feeling, where projects are stalled, things seem to be at a complete stand-still, and equipment doesn’t work right.

For instance, my flagship web site was down for more than 48 hours from Sunday to Tuesday because of a major server failure; one of my clients cancelled her call because she just had a “blue screen of death” on her computer and had to send for a new hard drive to replace it — thank goodness for backup!  (Hey — you ARE backing up your systems and your data, aren’t you?  Make sure you do!)  And so on.  These things keep happening, and rather than become frustrated by them, it’s easier just to check out the energy flows and to see what’s happening on a larger scale.  The perspective is helpful.

And frankly, so is the rest!  We’ve been moving at quite the speed lately, and working hard in multiple dimensions.  We truly have earned a rest.  But sometimes it feels like I’m all geared up with nowhere to go!  Ever have that feeling?


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Jul 22 2009

What Do the Eclipses Mean?

This summer we have three important eclipses:   one solar (July 21st) brakcted by two lunar eclipses, which is unusual.  What’s more common is a solar eclipse paired with a lunar eclipse, but rarely two lunar eclipses as we have this year.

Solar Corona

Solar Corona

But what do they mean?

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Jun 03 2009

Get Ready for Summer. Storms, That Is. . .

Just a little more than a week ago, a tropical storm hit powerfully in East Asia, causing extensive property damage and the loss of more than 200 lives. Last week, an Air France jet taking off from Brazil was lost over the South Atlantic, presumably from a storm system brewing there. Scientists are starting to focus on what this summer’s storms will be like. It’s time to start working with the forces of Nature again (for those of you who consider yourself Consciousness Workers or Lightworkers.)

Here’s a link to one of the posts I made about working with Nature Intellgence, to assist with the safe release of energies that the Earth must do: Partnering With Nature Intellgence. We humans have a lot to learn, but we’re beginning to “get it” ~ and when we do, it really helps. With everything.

This is your “early warning notice” that it’s time to start your meditations again. And learn more about how to work co-creatively with Nature Intellgence. It’s fun ~ and more than that, it’s necessary! Come along for the ride 🙂

I’ve been working on a project that’s going to help you learn faster exactly what to do, and how to do it, if you want to learn more about Nature Intelligence and Co-Creative Science. Stay tuned. . . I hope to have an announcement out before the end of the month with more details.

Meanwhile I’d love to hear your stories about working with Nature Intelligence; what have you learned? What’s the most interesting part of it?

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Mar 30 2009

Watching The Weather From A Center of Love

Last night we were astonished to see our yard completely covered with quarter-sized balls of hail that had fallen in a loud windy burst just three minutes long, illuminated by intense lightning strikes all around. One direct hit landed on the next block over and exploded in a loud BANG that left the dishes rattling on the cupboard shelves.

Hailstones cover the lawn in March

Hailstones cover the lawn in March

Fargo ND just dodged a devastating flood (so far, that is): there are tulips buried under ice in several parts of the midwest;UPS sent out a bulletin that shipments moving through the midwest might be subject to considerable delay because of severe weather in the region; parts of Australia have been destroyed by out-of-control fires; and things are looking a bit, shall we say, uncertain about the weather this spring. Everywhere.

It’s time to get back into the meditation groove, friends! The elements can and will respond to human consciousness. But we have to take the initiative. We have to “go there”, as it were.

So let me refer to you the pages where I offered some effective suggestions about how to work consciously with Nature, to mitigate the need that Nature has to discharge excess energies and help all this happen in a way that is not destructive. Right now, this task rises to a top priority. Even if things in your part of the world seem quiet and calm, they aren’t in other parts of the world. And soon they won’t in YOUR part of the world, either.

Go here to refresh yourself about meditations for Nature and healing the Earth. April is designated as Earth Month. Do this to help!

I’m telling you right now, WE can make things better. This is one of the ways.

More soon. I’m getting ready for the Co-Creative Science Program; if you’d like to be part of the beta group, please get in touch with me. I need about 30 people.

Meanwhile, go print out these weather meditations and start working on them. We need steady, regular focus. Who knew consciousness could be so much fun?

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Feb 25 2009

Tashi Delek! Happy Losar!

Today is the Tibetan holiday called Losar (New Year’s Day.) It is traditional to wish everyone Tashi Delek (Good Fortune/Happiness) on this day.

TIbetan New Year

TIbetan New Year

Along with my traditional Tibetan wishes of Tashi Delek for everyone, today I also offer special wishes for the Tibetan peoples — and for all people and sentient beings everywhere. I have some things to say about Tibet — and hope. The image above has particular meaning for me, with its energy of sweeping. May our thoughts, words, and actions sweep away confusion, pain, grief, and despair. Please read on for some astonishing information. . .

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