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Jun 29 2009

Was Michael Jackson An Indigo?

Short answer is:  maybe.
While I was not a huge fan of Michael Jackson (his style of music wasn’t my taste), I was certainly aware of him ~ and the undeniable charismic energy he carried.  So far as I know, he never took an Indigo assessment, or in any way implied that he was aware that he might carry Indigo energy.  But from what he wrote, from his music, and from certain elements of his tormented life, it seems plausible to me that he very well may have been Indigo.

And if that’s true, then it’s also pretty clear that he wasn’t seeking the best spiritual support team to help him better use his significant talents.  I’m not going to go into the controversies about his life (and there are so many it will probably take years to discover the truth behind his extremely private ~ often paranoid ~ personal world) ~  nor into the controversies surrounding his financial affairs.

But what I would like to address are the ways that Michael Jackson led a lonely life, by his own admission, and how the help that might have sustained him was there, but he apparently turned instead to comforts of the moment, some of which may have contributed to his untimely and mysterious death.  His life was all about performing, expressing a message in forms of his own design, and connecting with others mostly remotely — from a distance.

He was a very Aquarian figure — focused on many of the large issues of our times, caring, and completely unique and unusual.  As a star on the international scene, few ever shone brighter — or flamed out so tragically. His life was in many ways very sad; and so was his death.

Let me be a voice for compassion here ~ and remember Michael Jackson as someone with a vision, many Indigo traits, and a voice that kept trying to touch us in ways he could not otherwise.  Michael aspired to touch the soul of the world — and for many of us, his music did that.  He reminded us about redemption, and a higher vision.  He clearly saw into realms that ordinary people never consider; he saw what is possible and tried to tell us about it.   Sometimes he succeeded, even when it shocked us.

He blazed trails courageously, sometimes where angels fear to tread.   He was “in our face” about gender identity and what it means to be male in a world that lags behind those who dare to take us into many kinds of possible futures.  Unfortunately, his message wasn’t always clear or coherent.  Maybe he was working his way up to that.  Now we may never know what he hoped, what he intended, and what his true vision for humanity was.

I’ve heard that there are around 100 unreleased new Michael Jackson songs; perhaps the rest of his message is in them.  I for one hope that his brilliant mind and soul sings through loud and clear on some of them.  Michael was both a cultural icon as well as an iconoclast.

Goodbye, Michael.  My prayers are for you to now find the peace that seems to have eluded you while you were here.  God speed on your path, wherever it leads you from here.

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Dec 02 2008

Sam Emerson: Indigo Warrior Gone Home

Sam Emerson has Gone Home for good this time. A guy who has met Death face to face so many times it hardly seems fair, Sam was one of my clients for a while. I want you to know who he was, because he had so many things to teach everyone ~ and because I want his memory savored like a great cup of estate tea. He would like that, i think.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

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