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Jun 28 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Ten

The Unversal Law of Love ~ The Spiritual Law of Healing

Love and healing go together as no other two Laws do.  Their energy is intertwined in a cosmic dance that possibly precedes time and dimension.

Much could be said about these Laws ~ and much has certainly be said about the two words Love and Healing.

But their real relationship is in their connection.

And this is worth pondering deeply.

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Jun 27 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Nine

The Universal Law of Nature ~ The Spiritual Law of Protection of Man

Nature is the force that creates form within the dimensions.  Man is the force that create ideas.  Together, nature and human beings co-create the world.  Humans (as well as all life forms) are to be protected.

Here again is a set of Universal Laws that seem to have been badly misunderstood on this planet and could use careful pondering about their meaning.  For instance, the Spiritual Law does not favor a particular human over another; nor does it favor any gender or race over another; and so on.

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Jun 26 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Eight

The Universal Law of Judgment ~ The Spiritual Law of Karma

Source builds in to all life forms a sense of judgment, through which it understands and can discriminate between that which is good, wholesome and healthy, and that which is not.  In addition, the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect) help beings to learn from their own experience.  This is an orderly process and one which is self-governing.

Simplicity is intelligent.

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Jun 25 2009

Reiki and Indigos ~ A Match Made In Heaven

You have no idea how long I’ve been meaning to write this post — years, probably.  So let me get into this, because Reiki and Indigos are a “match made in heaven.”

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Here’s why I think so. . .

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Jun 25 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Seven

The Universal Law of Sight, Sound and Vibration ~ The Spiritual Law of Intuition

How thought and energy travel and are communicated vary according to a being’s physical makeup and the way it’s “built” ~ but all living beings respond to vibration, sound, and color.  The Spiritual Law of Intuition makes possible the correct interpretation of the data so transmitted or exchanged.

Thus all beings can know their one-ness with Source ~ and with one another.

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Jun 24 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Six

The Universal Law of Life ~ The Spiritual Law of Choice

There are Laws which are higher than those made from human minds.  It is the Universal Law that Life BE ~ and the Spiritual Law to choose over one’s Life energy fields.

This particular set of Laws seems to produce a great deal of confusion on this planet.  Perhaps we would be wise to ponder their meaning frequently.  What does it mean to accept the gift of Life?  What does it mean to have Choice?

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Jun 23 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Five

The Universal Law of Symmetry ~ The Spiritual Law of Equality

In the Universe there is natural symmetry, which is evident in the intricate patterns of Nature, which can easily be observed.  The Spiritual component of this Law is that all are equal, none more worthy than another.  This applies to all living things.

These two Laws keep relationships among all living things clean and clear.  Source so designed Life.

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Jun 22 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Four

The Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family ~ The Spiritual Law of Protection of Family

Innocence.  Truth. Family,  These are conceots so Universal that they must remain sacred.  This is why there is a Spiritual Law of protection of Family.  Innocence and Truth are related to Family.  And they all have the right to be protected.

This is as Source would have it.  It is what makes Goodness work in practice.

Oh, and by the way?  Family is defined by the First Universal and Spiritual Laws. . . go back and read them.

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Jun 21 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Three

The Universal Law of Movement and Balance ~ The Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness

It is the nature of the Universe to seek balance, through continual movement.  All that is alive moves.  Likewise, humans seek to remain healthy by staying strong and happy.  A happy, healthy, strong individual contributes to a happy, healthy strong community, which in turn contributes to a happy, healthy, strong planet, and so on throughout the Universe.

Even in stillness there is motion.

This is the way of both the Universe and Spirit/Source.

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Jun 20 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ Two

The Universal Law of Change ~ The Spiritual Law of Growth of Man

It is the nature of the Universe that things change; it is a natural order of things.  Such is easily observed by all. The Spiritual Law is that humans grow through change.  Humans require change in order to stay healthy, and to adapt to what the Universe is doing.

Where change does not happen, decay and dis-ease sets in.  This, too, is the natural order of things.

If one wishes to remain vibrant, healthy, and aligned with both Universal and Spiritual Law, one grows and adapts to change.

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