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Oct 03 2008

Sure To Get You Smiling

OK folks, in the midst of a lot of rather bad things happening, we need to remember that there are some great people who are doing good things.

I just wrote a post about one on my other blog, and if you will take ten seconds to go visit there (it’s worth it just to look at the picture of a tiny kitten in its rescuer’s hand) ~ iI think it will put a smile on your face.

Go take a look at Harry. (nope, not Harry Potter. Harry The Kitten.)

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Apr 29 2008

Stupid People — Keep It In Perspective

Yes there are people out there in the world that act like they are stupid. Maybe some of them actually are.

So what?

Let’s face it, the world is not (yet) populated with Indigos and Lightworkers. We came here because there is work to do. The rest of the world is — or is not — ready to accept, help, understand, or agree with us. That’s just something it might be useful to be clear about.

This week I had my own chance to remember this. For about the bazillionth time. We are interviewing companies that install central air conditioning, so that our house can be more comfortable (and energy efficient) during the summer months. It is part of a general “green” campaign we’re doing, to make things better on a personal level, to leave less of an imprint on the environment. So we’ve seen several versions of “sales pitches” for central air equipment and installation.

But last night? Wish we’d had a video of this one! This guy had quite an attitude, and didn’t appreciate our approach to how we intended to handle the transactions. His idea was that he should overpower us with information and force us to sign a contract before he left. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with us. And that, my friends, is perhaps the understatement of the year!

You know how much Indigos hate being pressured? How we hate being “told” or “sold”? How we hate someone who is not coming from the heart? Someone who does not listen or respect? Well, for whatever reasons this guy had it all and then some! It was so startling to experience it was hard not to burst out laughing at him, for how disconnected he was. But honestly? It was kinda hard to feel sorry for him, too. The phrase that comes to mind here is “pompous a**.” (actual word modified for general audiences here. . . )

It’s too bad, too, because the company he was supposed to represent was actually our top pick (until we met Mr. Pompous.) He might ultimately have made the sale, if he had been willing to listen and just be human instead of putting on airs and trying to force his way into a sale. That’s really stupid in my book!

But see, the world has lots of people who just don’t get it yet. I can feel sorry for everything that they are missing — but I still don’t want them in my space for more than 5 seconds. Thank goodness I have some Invocation Liquid Smudge here — we cleared the whole house after he left. (It needed it. The energy was just awful.) If I’d known first how yucky he was, the guy would never have set foot in the house. (We should have known when he didn’t like our dog. . . that might have been the first clue!) We were caught off guard by his charming smile — but underneath the smile was a lot of darkness. By the time we caught a whiff of his real energy, he was already into his pitch.

What to do about “all those stupid people”?

Best thing I have ever found to do = “leave them alone.” “Let them be.”

Works for me.

How about you?

We showed him where the door was and said goodbye (and good riddance!)

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Apr 03 2008

When It Gets Weird Out There

Yesterday was one of those days I will remember for how strange it was. Here’s one example. While I was standing in line at the Post Office (hey, we all know how well Indigos like to wait in line, right???) — I was coping with the inconvenience by practicing my breathing exercises — when I could not help but overhear the following transactions:

  • A lady who speaks English badly asks the postal clerk if he can help her. She says she wants to get her friend’s mail for her. Her friend is in Colorado and has a mailbox here. But she doesn’t have the right mailbox number. The clerk tells her the friend needs to give her the mailbox number and the key, or they can’t help her. The lady says the friend forgot the box number, but she made her a copy of the key. The postal clerk tells her that it’s illegal to copy a postal box key, and the lady shows her the copy of the key her friend sent her. It wasn’t even a US post office box key! Sorry, lady. . . (So what was THAT all about anyway???)
  • Next, we have the guy who moved 6 months ago and insists the post office is still holding his mail, even though they explain to him 4 times how it works. Finally he agrees to fill out a change of address form. Whew. That one’s solved.
  • Then, there is the lady who dropped a letter into an outside mailbox and realized too late that it was for the wrong address. She wants to know how she can get it back. The clerk asks her how long ago this was. She tells him 5 weeks ago. Sorry, lady. . . you should have gotten the letter back by return mail (return to sender.) Well, that’s a problem because. . . she forgot to put a return address on the letter. (No, that’s not a punch line for a joke, this is a real transaction.) She asks if there is a “dead letter” place where it would go. The clerk says yes — and that there are more than 500 items in it currently. It’s the last task anyone ever does around there, so it might take a while to find. But, they have no idea which post office the letter might have been sent to, either. It might not be this one. And each P.O. has their own “dead letter” place. The lady wants them to somehow find it for her. They patiently explain they can’t do that. She leaves disappointed. As if it’s the post office’s fault. Hmmmm.
  • Finally, I am just about up to the counter for my turn when I hear a lady talking on her cell phone. This is what I (and everyone else in line) hear: “Mom. I’d rather you just get a dog than a companion. You remember what happened last time, don’t you?” (Aw and she’s not going to tell us the rest of the story???? I bet this would make a terrific assignment for a writing class: finish THAT story!)

When I finally reached the counter, I asked the clerk in a low voice, “Tell me something. Did someone declare this to be Bring Your Strangest Problems To The Post Office Day? Because I didn’t get the memo! I only have an ordinary transaction.” The clerk roared laughing.
The rest of the day included frantic emails back and forth from someone who wanted to purchase some of my products — until she learned about the high tariffs of export to Japan.
One of my regular payments that always comes like clockwork got messed up and will be delayed 10 days instead.

Strange things happened online, that have never happened before or since.

A squirrel ran right out in front of my car. I screeched to a halt before I hit it. It stopped and sat in the middle of the street on its hind legs, looking at me. I waited until it decided which way it wanted to go. Thank goodness it was a side street with no other traffic.

Someone left a message on my voice mail and gave the wrong call back number. I’ll have to wait and see if they call again to return their call. Hope they don’t wait too long. (Memo to self: always make sure you leave the correct number when you leave a phone message. . . )

And so on.

Some days are like that. It’s not worth fussing about them. In fact if you can see the Lighter side, they are downright hilarious! And you know what? You can help — on days like that — by taking it Lightly yourself. Don’t stress. Help the rest of the world deal with it better by showing the humorous side to it — and wait. It will definitely pass!

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