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Nov 24 2008

Your Questions Have Answers

Lately I’ve been getting several questions from readers, and since I know how much my answers are going to help some of you others, I decided to write them here, for everyone to see. That way I can just write it once.

What some of you have been telling me is how it feels to be so different from others in your environment.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Square Peg in a Round Hole

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Nov 07 2008

Why Flower Essences Help

This post is a longer answer to Krystal’s comment.

She asked if I knew a way to help her release feelings of fear, anger and pain. The short answer is, there is hope! There are many paths for healing, but I’d like to tell you one of my favorites: flower essences. Here’s why.

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Oct 03 2008

Sure To Get You Smiling

OK folks, in the midst of a lot of rather bad things happening, we need to remember that there are some great people who are doing good things.

I just wrote a post about one on my other blog, and if you will take ten seconds to go visit there (it’s worth it just to look at the picture of a tiny kitten in its rescuer’s hand) ~ iI think it will put a smile on your face.

Go take a look at Harry. (nope, not Harry Potter. Harry The Kitten.)

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Sep 29 2008

Big Doings This Week

Well, let’s see here. The U.S. Congress is on the verge of a multi-billion dollar bank bailout, hoping to prevent the entire collapse of the global monetary system; the Chinese just completed their first space-walk with their own astronauts; the Hadron Collider is off track for its first collision (and depending on who’s keeping track, that might be a good thing); and oh yes, Mercury is retrograde again.

Sounds like a full week to me! But what does it all mean?

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Aug 12 2008

What’s Healthy?

There is so much confusion out there these days about what is healthy ~ not just for Indigos, but for everyone ~ that I wanted to share a link with you that puts things in a way you can understand.

The What’s Healthy web site is a not-for-profit venture that has no ties to the food industry (or to the supplement industry, either.) I like the approach and I think you will find it easy to follow, too.

For Indigos, however, I would add a couple more items:

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Jul 18 2008

Prosperity Consciousness and The Times

These days it’s pretty hard to listen to any kind of news media. It’s all so negative. Doomsayers. People feeding fear of financial insecurity — and worse. Many of us have worked a long time to create change — so why is it scary when the changes happen? Lots to say about that — but first, let’s remember why we’re here. Continue Reading »

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Jul 11 2008

More Prosperity News

I just added a comment over on my other blog, Dances With Flowers, to let them know we are going to be focusing on Prosperity and Manifestation topics soon.

Also, I wanted to remind you about my new Prosperity Package of flower essences. People who are struggling with issues of:

  • fear of financial security
  • self-worth and worthiness
  • how to manifest
  • overcoming obstacles (like, maybe, the economy? gas prices? food prices?)
  • how to work with your own mind, to keep your thoughts from overwhelming you with negativity

And one more thing. If you find yourself surrounded by — or creating — negativity, this will help. A lot. Parents put a drop onto the pillows for their kids after 9/11. to help dispel their fears. it allowed them to get deep, restful sleep with no bad dreams. It has so many uses, I personally carry a bottle with me everywhere. And use it frequently.

All for now. Have a great weekend!

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Jul 10 2008

Prosperity For Indigos and Sensitive People

For many people these days, money (or the lack of it) is causing tidal waves of fear and insecurity. So many questions, so many stress points. I believe the widespread worries that are affecting so many people globally, are impacting those of us who are super-sensitive as well. Some of us tend to take on “more than our share”.

So what I’d like to discuss today are some ways to cope with your own situation — and how to better process what you may be picking up in the “human consciousness stream”. Continue Reading »

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Jun 27 2008


In a world so eager to assign blame (and thus, perhaps, justify the anger we feel about all manner of things), it’s refreshing to find reason to forgive — a healing antidote to the poisons of hatred, anger and fear. Today I was blessed to receive this story, and I want to share it with you — because it’s what forgiveness is all about. Continue Reading »

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Jun 04 2008

Just Can’t Get Enough Stillness These Days

I don’t know about you, but just about every Indigo and Lightworker I know has been telling me the same thing: “I just can’t find enough time to be still; I am getting more than I have in years but it’s still not enough!” Gotta say, I’m feeling the same way too. Continue Reading »

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