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Jun 17 2009

Night Classes, Part Two

For many years (perhaps as long as I can remember) my dream states have been quite active and ~ according to others with whom I’ve compared notes ~ sometimes unusual. As I grew older from childhood, I learned that there is such a thing as lucid dreaming — and that I’d been doing it for years. Not every dream is lucid, but I can often shape what happens in my dream states quite easily. I thought everyone could do this! Until I learned they don’t. . .

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

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Jun 09 2009

Night Classes, Part One

For a long time, I’ve hesitated to share this information publicly. It seemed just about some of the most “far out” stuff I probably have ever experienced, for one thing. For another, it’s almost impossible to prove (although there are perhaps ways to do so, if I were to try.) And finally, unless you are someone who has also had these experiences, it’s hard to describe so that someone else will understand.

Gosh, the frustrations of being Indigo!

But because it finally occurred to me that, once again, maybe I’m not alone. . . I decided to go ahead and share my story about “night classes.” It’s a long strange trip, believe me. . .

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Jun 04 2009

What Do The WingMakers Have To Teach You?

It’s been a while since I talked about Lyricus and the WingMakers. Something tells me it’s time to get back into that discussion again.

Wingmakers Print

There are tons of images, stories, meditations, and information here at the Wingmakers site. Start wherever you’re led. But please do visit and see what calls to you.

Hint: there are some important clues for humans about 2012 and what we need to be doing (and being) NOW.

This is an important resource for all Indigos. I urge you to visit, learn, and be nurtured deeply. This is something I believe our souls have been hungering for. it’s here, awaiting your discovery. . .

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Apr 02 2009

Archangels To The Rescue

Sometimes when “it” hits the fan, it’s hard to remember that we aren’t alone. We have higher guidance and help, when we ask for it. We would always be well served to “look higher” anyway 😉 In the past few years I’ve added a new dimension to my “higher power” guidance: the Archangels.

Now, I didn’t grow up in a faith that worked with angelic beings so much. I had cousins who did, though, and it was first through them that I heard about the angels and how they can help. Many years later, the angelic realms crossed my path again, when someone gifted me a deck of Archangel Oracle cards made by fellow Indigo Doreen Virtue.

The drawings on these cards are lovely. They are very comforting just to look at. But they also led me into some additional dimensions of support, for which I have since been very thankful.

The first time I really got into the cards was when my beloved cat died a few years ago. She had been with me for almost 20 years, which is a good chunk of a person’s life! And I was grieving and missing her terribly. I was crying myself to sleep every night for days on end. So finally in desperation I got out my deck of the Archangel Oracle cards, to see if I could find help and succor there.

What popped right out was Archangel Azriel, the comforter. This Archangel gently held me in her arms to find the deepest and most restful sleep I had had in a long while. I was incredibly grateful for the assistance, and the clear realm of love that the Archangelic field brings with it. That comfort is always there for me whenever I have called on it, without fail.

The other archangel with whom I have had recent experience is with Archangel Jophiel. I had an area of the house that needed to be organized, but the task was overwhelming to me. There was so much clutter, I had NO IDEA how to even begin. So I went through the Archangel deck again, to see if there is an angel who could assist me, and. . . yessssss!!! Archangel Jophiel is the one who helps us clear clutter. (Gee, who knew???)

I am not only having fun with the Archangel Oracle deck, I am finding enormous peace and energetic assistance. The Archangels have also helped me with specific problems from time to time, when I remember to ask.

Perhaps some of you might like to have an Archangel or two to assist you right now.

Here’s how to get your own deck of Archangel Oracle cards:


Let me know if you have had good experiences working with the angelic realms!


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