Aug 01 2008

August 1, 2008 New Moon Portal On Manifestation

Wow, what an energy boost we are getting today! The New Moon in Leo (new beginnings for leadership and everything connected to heart-centered living) overrides the usually blustery, ego-filled Leo sun as the full Solar Eclipse yields to the moon’s graceful energy of feelings-over-intellect.

Were your dreams vivid last night? I hope so! Because they will point the way toward what it is that you need to work on. Write down any thoughts or images that came to you in your dreams — you will need them later in the month and in the months ahead. But there’s more. . .

Today marks a true “fresh page” — a really open chance to start all over again. In life, in communities, in business. What I see is a fabulous opportunity to welcome and assist everything we want into creation. It’s a perfect time to manifest dreams, starting, well, like right now.

Here is what Karen Bishop has to say about this energy. Worth your time to read.

One of the ways I am here to support you in manifesting your dreams, is to introduce you to a young man we may be hearing a great deal more about in the future.

His name is Linus Rylander, and he is a master at manifestation at the tender age of 14! I am going to be interviewing him today. If you want to listen in — or ask questions — you need to be there. ONLY peoiple who have registered for this call will receive the links to hear the replay line after the call.

Here’s where to sign up for our interview with Linus and get your questions answered about manifestation. There is still time as I write.

Finally, today and for the next three days, take some time and go inside your heart. Listen to Source. See what wants to become. And follow it with everything you have!

Now is the time. It happens now. Now it begins. Allow it to open in beauty, harmony, peace, and joy.


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5 Responses to “August 1, 2008 New Moon Portal On Manifestation”

  1. Nancy,

    What an exciting couple of days ahead! And what perfect timing for you to be hosting this call – but then, I suspect you knew that! lol


    Suzanne Bird-Harris | Learning Curve Coachings last blog post..Pick One and Look at the Rest

  2. Linus Rylanderon 01 Aug 2008 at 1:00 pm

    I can’t remember my dream from last night, LOL.

    Cool stuff anyway, I’ll be looking more into this astrology thing…


  3. Nancyon 01 Aug 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Well it helps to have a pad and pen next to your bed, so that the minute you wake up you can jot down the impressions that linger in the space between sleep and full awakening.

    Then there is the topic of lucid dreaming — which I’ll be getting into more soon for everyone.

    For now though, learn to retrieve your dream material as much as possible. It offers important clues about what you are working on in a larger sense — and in other dimensions.

    Thanks for a great call today!

  4. […] week we hosted a conference call introducing a remarkable young man, Linus Rylander, who is a 14-year-old boy living in Sweden — and who at a young age is mastering the art and […]

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