Nov 26 2008

Answers For Questions, Part Two

Yesterday I posted some answers about what to do when you are taking on too much energy from others (over-empathic.) Today I want to address another topic that I’m hearing from many readers. Here’s how one reader puts this:

“While I tend to get along with everyone, empathize with everyone, I’ve always felt that no one understands me, nor could they. This of course as resulted in me being horribly insecure, rather depressed and feeling a lot of pain. However, I also have a lot of hope that I can make a difference. I know that i’m different, I’ve felt it my entire life that I have a purpose, a mission, but its only been in the last few months or so that I’ve began to understand more with why I am here.”



Does that sound familiar, anyone? Sure does to me!

So. How can you deal with those feelings of frustration ~ and pain?

There are all kinds of good ways, but let’s talk about a few of the more effective ones here. It’s worth saying that there are two that don’t work: hiding, and trying to numb your feelings by using drugs or alcohol. Please don’t do either. They will only add to your problems, not solve them as you hope.

First of all, it’s important to realize that you are NOT alone! There are hundreds, thousands, and probably by now millions of other Indigos here on the planet. And we all understand.

While each of us has a slightly different mission, purpose, path and life experience ~ we do share so many of the common frustrations that we are truly a family of kindred souls. Seek out others like yourself, and get acquainted with others. You will quickly find common ground, and ways to spark your soul into a brighter expression and fulfillment of who you are. You’re gonna have to trust me on that!

Finding your mission may take a longer time than you think. If it does, don’t fret about it. If it’s not clear today, choose to spend your time working on or toward some goals that are important to you. Find a way to support yourself by helping others with your talents and skills (you DO have some of those, remember?)

The thing about Life Purpose is, you probably have more than one! And if that’s true, doesn’t that take off some of the pressure to find out what “it” is? And suppose you aren’t going to know what one of your BIG life missions is until much later in life? How about using the time between now and then in ways that really mean something to you? You can do that!

Finally, instead of focusing so much on yourself and what you’re feeling, try this exercise:

  • Ground yourself and connect to Source.
  • Get quiet inside. Find your inner stillness. Stay there for a while.
  • From that quiet place inside, ask your Higher Self this question: “What is it that is the BEST thing for me to be doing right now? What will make this clear for me so I can take action on it?” And wait for an answer ~ which could come during your quiet time, or from some unexpected source such as glancing at a subway ad and having a message suddenly click into place in your mind. (Hey, stranger things have happened — and for Indigos this is pretty common, actually. Right? Know what I mean here?)
  • When you get an inspiration to move in a certain direction, have the courage to do that! Look, maybe your “inspiration” takes you in a direction no one else will understand ~ but so what? Don’t allow your fears about what anyone else will think, to stop you from moving in the direction your soul wants you to go. Simply do it. You will have the support of the Universe when you do, and amazing things will happen as a result. I promise!

So there are my answers for this round of questions.

Hope they help! Let me know 🙂


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  1. Haveryon 26 Nov 2008 at 8:05 pm

    I’m really very happy that you mentioned the whole 2012 situation. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this subject and i’ve come to a sort of conclusion that the human race is reaching an apex of sorts (our society, nature, our souls). In our society we’re seeing great changes, wars, hatred, but also incredible acts of kindness, and wonderful phenomenons of human spirit and intuition. Our natural elements are changing drastically (some people would label this as ‘global warming’ but i think this term is incorrect and doesn’t cover the sheer magnitude of what is actually happening to our earth) We’re in the midst of such a change, our eyes are opening up to things around us that we were taught as children to just be fantasies and belonging to a made up world.

    In a lot of my reading (and through discussions with my _very_ intelligent older brother) it’s been said that the human race is ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension, and it is my belief that Indigo’s are here to help humans make that ascension so as not to have to begin again at the very beginning. Everything that we feel, everything that we’s so overwhelming at times, but it serves a purpose, of this I am sure. And it would explain why so many of us feel that there is a mission to our lives (I myself have always felt very strongly that I do have a very important mission in life, though what that mission entails i’m not sure, although I am starting to get a few ideas..)

    I believe that we are here to help the human race to see the truth, not just what we’ve been told to see (which is currently a materialistic, throw everything away once your bored, society) To open our eyes, thats why we’re here..

    I truly believe that there is so much more to life then what we’ve been taught. Its not just you are born, you grow up, get a job, buy a house, raise a family, and die.. its a cycle of knowledge, and our race is at a point where there is only so much more knowledge we can learn at this point in our journey. It’s time to move on.

    I guess my main question is, what do we do in the mean time? How do we keep ourselves safe with all the turmoil around us? And how do we make sure that others are saved as well?

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