Apr 11 2008

How Do You Know If You Are an Adult Indigo?

One of the most frequent questions I hear from people is, “How do you know if you are an Adult Indigo?” Or “I thought this was only about the kids. How could an adult be one?” I hope this post answers your questions — and gives you some “food for thought.”

First of all, the question wouldn’t even come up unless someone has a deep identification with the traits and characteristics that distinguish Indigos. (Feel free to take the Indigo assessment here to find out where you fall within a range of common Indigo traits and characteristics.) So one would wonder, where is that identification coming from?

Secondly, I sometimes hear the statement from people in their 4th, 5th or 6th decades that “I’m too old to be Indigo.” Not so. Here’s why. The early Indigos (and I am one of them; maybe you are too!) were pretty much “in hiding” until the 1980’s when the next BIG wave of children began to arrive. Until then, it was dangerous in a million ways for us to reveal who we are and what our soul mission is here.

Why is that important to know? First of all, if someone is “in hiding” then they are not likely to reveal themselves to others, except perhaps for a very small circle of trusted friends or family members. How would the world know about us if we didn’t want to be discovered? (And trust me, we didn’t!)

Secondly, when the large wave of new Indigo children came in (and here I’m talking about millions of Indigo babies being born into families all around the world), the energy field upon which we adult Indigos have depended grew more stable. We did not need to rely solely on the intricate and thin web of Light that we had built with our own systems and knowledge. (And yes, there was such a web, before the large one we all created together later!) The new wave allowed us to relax, begin to reveal our Light, wisdom and stories — and be supported for it more than was ever possible before that time.

Thirdly, for many of us, our “real work” only began as soon as the big wave of Indigos came in during the 1980s. Many of us were just marking time, doing the best we could with our circumstances, often feeling adrift, until the ’80’s. when suddenly it might have felt that we were somehow called forward or awakened from a dormant state, our true mission “activated” at last. (Note: I don’t mean this to sound fatalistic, because it isn’t. We all had our assignments when we got here; it’s just that for many of us, the assignment didn’t start until we were several decades old — if that makes any sense. If you are one of the adult Indigos for whom this is true, you will immediately understand what I’m talking about here.)

Finally, we who came in first have been pathmakers. We prepared the energetic field for the others. We were truly like “linebackers” energetically — we cleared much energy, made many preparations, and “took the hits” that might have devastated the younger ones later on. We raised the collective vibration where possible, and engaged with our missions as best we were able. There were no guides. There were no signposts. Imagine what that must have been like, if you can: like being behind enemy lines in a hostile and dangerous territory. doing work upon which all life on this planet might one day require for its very existence. Los Ingognitos: that’s who we were. And we came in gladly, knowing that this is how it would be when we got here.

Were some of the hippies of the 1960’s early Indigos? By and large, no. They had a different role, mission and purpose. The Indigos who came in during this time recognized the hippie movement as a necessary energetic wave — and a few got caught in the drug scene and were lost during that time.

Of course one of the common arguments I hear is this: “But aren’t we all waking up now? Aren’t many people evolving into the traits that Indigos carry?” Ahh! Good question. And yes, there is an answer. Many humans are indeed waking up now. The ascension energies and process is like a tide that “lifts all boats.”

But here is the #1 criteria that I use (successfully, I believe) to help a person discern whether s/he is one of those evolving and waking up, or if s/he is Indigo. After you consider the traits and characteristics that many indigos share, ask yourself this one simple question: “Have you always been this way? Or have you changed as you have grown and developed yourself?”

If you have always been this way, you are most likely Indigo, regardless of how old you are now.

If you have evolved and developed these characteristics over time, then probably you are not.

The New Children disdain labels and don’t really like being set apart. Let us who are adults accept ourselves for who and what we are with the same grace.

If you recognize yourself now as an Adult Indigo, however, welcome to you! I am honored and happy to meet you. I hope you will contact me and introduce yourself; I’d love to hear from you.

We truly live in an amazing time. Whether you acknowledge yourself as Indigo or not, I appreciate your Light and thank you for adding your Love to a world that needs all of your special gifts.


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  1. Dastiaon 18 May 2008 at 2:24 pm

    I am indigo and would like some words of inspiration from an indigo adult. You must have much to offer in that area.

  2. Nancyon 20 May 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Dastia,

    Thanks for being here! Can you say something about what kind of inspiration you’re looking for? If I know more, I can write about it 🙂

    I’ll be waiting to hear how I can help!

    Mostly just know that the world is ready for you now — even if it doesn’t always seem that way. YOU are the ones who will be inspiring, healing, and teaching others! Really!

    Also, no matter what happens, stay connected to Source. Be out in Nature as much as you can.

    Those two things alone will get you much comfort and solace if times feel hard.

    Much light and love,


  3. Julianon 09 Sep 2008 at 2:06 pm

    So I am Indigo. I want to say that I am glad to have read your article. I have always had some stuff going on with me. I am just now starting to figure out stuff I cant really put it into words how I “Really” feel. I mean I am a great writer as some have said but when it comes to expressing how I feel on paper its like there aren’t really words in the english vocab to really explain. There aren’t word strong enough. Do you know what I mean>?

    My thing is. I know what I am supposed to do but I am not sure how to do it. I recently became a camp counselor and worked with kids. I absolutly loved it. Im 23 years old and would really give myself away to the kds at times . It changed my life. I realized that the kids needed me or something. I loved them and they loved me. I dont know why but it feels right. I feel like I found my calling all though I have known it all along. I just feel like something has been awaken in my soul.

    I have to say though. I have psychic abilities or whatever you want to call them. I just dont know really how to use them. I have always remembered being dufferent as a child. My earliest memory is like at the ages of two or three. I have always felt more than anything. I can just feel everything. I can feel what a person is saying rather hear them sometimes.

    I know this all sounds retarded but I really couldnt explain it all yet too you. I just want to talk to someone who might no what I am going through. My heart weighs heavy and I want to do something about this drive in my soul. Please help or write back. juliandeesmith (at) yahoo (dot) com is my email

  4. Nancyon 09 Sep 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Hey Julian, you are so in the right place and right on time! I am so happy you found this web site, and hopefully know as a result that you are where you need to be.

    You really poured your heart out here, so please let me honor that by responding to what seems to be your most pressing questions. I hope they satisfy you 🙂

    It is truly a challenge to try to express what we Indigos KNOW inside — because there really is not yet appropriate language for it. I think that may be one reason why we’re seeing so many young autistic kids; they don’t have language for what they know, sense, and experience. So yes, let me validate that for you! You’re not crazy. That’s very real — and it’s tough! (But don’t stop trying, OK??)

    About knowing what you want to do, but not knowing how to go about it? Many people (not just Indigos) face this dilemma all the time! The good news is that there are many, many pathways to find and co-create what you want. (That’s one place I can help, if you like.) But you can find your own way, too! You don’t need to wait for someone else to show you.

    Here’s what I suggest about that. Formulate a question, that most clearly describes what you want to learn or know, and begin it with the word “What.” For some reason, that word seems to unlock a greater intuitive field, where we can access the Universal Mind most directly. Then listen in silence for an answer. which can come from anywhere, any time — and be alert, because it may not “look” like what you expect! But it will come.

    What you are describing about your psychic abilities is called Clairsentience. It’s probably the most common psi talent, and everyone has it to one degree or another — it’s just that Indigos are very strong in this, moreso probably than others. So. . . trust it! That inner knowing is valuable for everything in your life. And it always will be.

    Finally, could you possible relax into a deeper knowing place, where you understand that all is well with you — and with the greater world — because of your connections with Source? If you can — if you will — you will be able to release your frustrations, and find your path, and walk it joyfully.

    I hope this helps.

    Peace and love to you, Julian — and many blessings for your journey!

  5. Marcoon 29 Sep 2008 at 4:49 am

    Hey, well I’m still doubting if I’m an Indigo or not… I know this sounds kinda absurd because the post was supposed to clear that doubt. I’ve heard about Indigo and Crystal children but I never took the time to look for information, I’ve always felt like very spiritual but at the same time I’m kind of a fan of hard science, that’s why I never looked for explanations. Anyway, I was born in 1981 and my IQ exceeds 140, I feel identified with many things you describe here (I’ve always felt instantly when someone is lying; lies and injustice can lead me to real fury, for example) but I don’t know if that’s considered “different” or a psychic ability, I certainly don’t have premonitory dreams or that kind of things but there has always been a strange connection between my life and my dreams, it’s very hard to explain… although I don’t know exactly what does being an Indigo means, for what I’ve read here, it sounds like I should be aware of many other things besides what I’ve done so far with my life…

    I’m in the middle of my second college degree and working on digital illustration and photography, I know where I want to get with all this, I know from long time ago I want to make a difference in society, help other people by teaching, guiding or inspiring… is just that… as you say somewhere here, the amount of “to do”s is overwhelming and sometimes I feel really frustrated about it… is it normal? I mean… I guess it’s normal for all kind of people, but is it normal even if I’m an Indigo?

    I would really appreciate if you contact me for some explanation or tell me who can I talk to..? maybe looking for some aura reader to “confirm” the fact? I don’t know… all this is very new to me and I hope to be coherent, I love to write even when sometimes the result is a non linear chain of thoughts.


  6. Nancyon 29 Sep 2008 at 10:55 am

    Hi Marco,

    You sound quite typical to ME, Marco! One thing that distinguishes Indigos from other folks is our clarity about our life mission; there is usually at least one thing we KNOW we are meant to do here, whether we are doing it all the time (or at all/yet.) The thing is, we KNOW!

    And it’s that knowing, that deep unshakable sense, that is the mark of an Indigo.

    Don’t pay much attention to the aura bit; everyone’s aura changes a lot depending on your thoughts and emotions, where your attention is focused, and many other things. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what you already know about YOU!

    There are many forms of psi talent; clairsentience is probably the most common, and that’s what you seem to have most prominently. The best way to describe it is just as you have; “just KNOWING.” That’s great! (And yes, everyone has some degree of psi talent, but Indigos have more of it — and it comes more easily — than with other people.)

    The other “big deal” is the statement you made about “I’ve always felt very spiritual.” That’s the other big difference between Indigos and other people; yes probably everyone has a curiosity about who we are and why we’re here; but the thing is, Indigos just seem to understand that we are connected with Source (regardless of how you define that.) It’s a given, the way gravity is on Planet Earth. Not everyone has that (at least not to the degree Indigos do.)

    Marco, I hope this helps, and if you’d like to discuss this in more depth, please call me and let me know what time zone you’re in. I’ll arrange to speak with you personally about it.

    Glad you’re here! I’m happy to meet you, and I send you many blessings of love and light 🙂


  7. Angieon 29 Sep 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Hello Nancy,

    I think I might be (an) Indigo. I’m a thirty year old who went to
    see the movie “The Indigo Revolution” for the sake of my daughter.
    But during the discussion after the movie I started to really identify
    with the speakers, who were both Indigos.

    I soon realized that all my life I have been fighting something.
    My sister and I both went through grueling childhoods together.
    And through it all she has called me a Fighter, so have my parents.
    Looking back, all my life I’ve been battling issues in society,
    within humanity. And finally when my husband and I had a child,
    things just exploded! Since then, I have been faced with many issues that
    have seemed like they picked me to be their spokesperson. Like a
    school-girl getting assignment after assignment, I began having
    book after book stacked in my ‘backpack’, for ME to . . . essentially
    show the world. Everything from childbirth, to parenting, to nutrition,
    to healing cancer, to dental health, to the truth of humanity being a
    part of the Unity, and ‘Angels’. And these truths that are being
    revealed to me are incredible. Profound.

    Also in regards to all of these issues, I have people coming to me
    begging for this information… Even people who used to dislike me!
    But I also have situations arise where this information is begging
    to come forth, but I know the people and the situation are wrong,
    or wouldn’t be accepted. This is when my soul feels like it’s being

    My husband has always supported every new avenue I am driven
    to explore, but he sometimes gets frustrated with how there are
    so many things that affect me or need my attention.

    And when I talk about these things my whole being vibrates, so
    high that I get the cold sweats (like right now).

    Now, with the idea that I might be Indigo, I feel … interesting.
    I feel very calmed. I feel serene. I don’t feel like I’m on an ego
    trip, like I was worried other Indigos might be on (I don’t feel
    that now). I feel like I’ve been chosen, and now understand
    WHY all of these events have been happening to not my girlfriends,
    but ME. I feel that with the ‘title’ (chills of uneasiness) Indiglo,
    I have accepted my mission, instead of wondering why I, personally,
    felt a mission sense, but was not entitled to it, so I just tried to
    live my life without trampling on anyone. Yes, run on sentence, but
    there is just no way to describe it.

    Please send me your thoughts. I feel very desperate to know them.

    Warmest Regards,

  8. Nancyon 30 Sep 2008 at 12:40 pm

    First of all, WELCOME!! You are home and safe here 🙂

    (Actually, you are safe anywhere so long as you stay connected to Source. And most Indigos are hard-wired to do that naturally.)

    What you are describing is perfect. Yes, that’s how we feel. And that knowing about when and how to share things? That’s what the struggles are about, most of the time. We know what we know ~ but what to DO with it???.

    Sometimes it seems like it’s so much more important for the world to hear the truth than it is to care about whether or not anyone else will like it. I imagine that’s what some of the leaders are going through right now, with the monetary situation in the USA and globally. Even if they are not Indigo (and I doubt that they are) we can surely empathize with the situation.

    It’s not easy! But is IS important that others hear our perspective. Sometimes urgently so.

    And that’s a job we Indigos came here to do. We expected to encounter turbulence. In general, we know how to handle it. And it isn’t going to stop us.

    Your Light is warm and positive. Your motives are great — you are not trying to force anyone to change (while maybe wishing they would!!). You just want others to see what we can see, know what we can know, from as close to Truth as you can get.

    Don’t know whether that helps or not, but yes, I can surely validate what you’re saying! I relate to it completely.

    As the younger kids say, “Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, book and video too.” Except a few of us wrote the books, made the T-shirts, and filmed the videos. . . yeah, that too.

    Much light and love to you!

  9. Krystalon 02 Nov 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Hello Nancy, Hello everybody!
    I feel very happy to find a home after ‘wondering’ and hiding for so long.
    I was born and grown up in the Mediterranean region. I am 45 years old and I beleive that I am definitely an Indigo. Most of the experiences you share above are mine too.
    I have always felt being different from the others eversince I was a child. Different of my sisters, my schoolmates, my friends, my colleagues etc…Many times I got the feeling I did not belong to this world. I had a very strong intuition since I was a child. My psychic messages, which started at very early age, are mostly revealed through my dreams.
    I have always felt protected from above. Before, I could not explain this phenomenon, but now I can understand and feel deeply grateful. Many of these manifestations of protection or assistance seemed like miracles and to my eyes they looked normal and somehow expected.

    However, like many of you, although I know that I am on a mission it is hard to keep in the right path because there are many obstacles coming up. No matter how strong and determined we are, it is too difficult to fulfill this mission. Why God, the Universe or whatever you might call it, leaves these obstacles come up? Many times I get the impression of being tested. Is it really necessary? Since we have been chosen to facilitate things for newcomers why should we be challenged and tested? This is a question that bothers me at a moment when I am still trying to find my highest ‘mission’.

    Nevertheless, I shall continue my efforts with much hope and faith since deeply in my heart I know I shall find it.
    Glad to meet you all. Sincere wishes and bestregards.

  10. Nancyon 02 Nov 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Krystal,

    Welcome home! I am so happy to meet you, and to know that you are here on the planet at this time.

    Ahh, the issue of “being tested”!

    And “why”?

    Before I respond, I’d like to hear what you think about it first. What do you think is going on with that? All are welcome to contribute your ideas here.


  11. Krystalon 02 Nov 2008 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Nancy! If I only knew the answer to that…….

    But don’t you agree that it is a paradox to feel so much loved and favoured from the Creator but on the other side to be tested?

    I understand that there is always margin of self-development and spiritual growth in this new life and I accept any type of challenges in that sense. I know it’s hard and painful in most of the times but empirical evidence shows that we always come out stronger and ‘richer’ from such testing.

    The sort of obstacles and difficulties that I cannot understand are those refering to the mission and the purpose of our presence here. Whether we cannot define it early and in good timeon our way or we meet such difficulties and people that discourage us or force us to abandon our efforts. We might not quit but, this delays the overall work and we get confused and tired.

    Therefore, if Indigos who came 30=40 years ago were meant to act in a very strange environment for them and under difficult circumstances why should they also be tested in their mission?? Why not create more favourable conditions?

    The only answer I can give is that Indigos are just spiritually more developed entities that are trying, like all others, to get better and touch another dimension. If they had come on a special mission, why then get so confused and feeling tested at every moment? It’s hard to frame my question and put my feelings in words but, I know that you all understand what I mean.
    Still, I feel so loved and grateful for being here at this time!

  12. Nancyon 04 Nov 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Krystal,

    Your question really echoes a lot for those of us older Indigos who have asked the question many times about “Why did it have to be so hard?”

    Obviously one reason is that someone had to “cut a track”. And that was one purpose and mission.

    Another reason is that, before we came in, we knew there would be resistance. But once we are in 3D form, we also experience less access to everything we knew before we came in ~ sort of an amnesia, if you will, that doesn’t show the full picture. We may have forgotten what we agreed to do here, or the conditions under which we would be operating.

    In my case, for instance, I can clearly recall many times when I remembered how easy it is to operate without third dimensional limitations ~ and how restrictive it feels to have this physical body, while maintaining the additional dimensions and connections elsewhere.

    THAT is where I have had the most personal struggle and frustrations — until I remembered that I can choose my attitudes, too. It is in knowing that we have the power of choice, that we can shift in major ways. And I use this tool as often as I can!

    The other aspect of this question is personal karma and aptitudes. What is burdensome for one person would not be an issue at all for another. And that is a very individual thing.

    One other important thing to consider is that we humans are all learning some new skills, about how to be powerful co-creators with Source. We all have the capacity, but because of our environments and personal inclinations, we may not choose to exercise that capacity until a time when it feels important for us to do.

    I’m not sure this is making much sense right now, but intuitively I know it’s right. In other words, one answer to “why is it so hard and confusing” is that having to discover the curriculum has (until very recently) been a personal choice; now I feel it is a mandate ~ and something to which all humans are being called.

    Earlier Indigos set the stage. in a way; we prepared the dance ground to make it safe for others to come and play. I think we did a pretty good job, considering how many are here now, wouldn’t you say???

    Did this clarify anything, or does it raise even more questions?

    Many blessings,


  13. Krystalon 05 Nov 2008 at 4:09 am

    Much clearer Nancy! Thanks! If not anything else, I know at least that I am not alone in raising such questions and facing similar situations.

    It’s true that adult indigos have done a pretty good job and I get the feeling that their best achievents are still expected. Now that they are conscious of their power and supported in their efforts, they can really thrive!!!

    With love!

  14. anikoon 04 May 2009 at 11:13 am

    I am an Indigo without a doubt, but only recently have become knowledgeable of this label/category of person.

    I am chronically bored with life in general. I have a hard time staying at a job more than 6 mos – 1 year tops before feeling there is something more out there that I can better spend my time on regardless how much I am making.

    I generally stand out in a group unententionally, I usually become the brunt/target of jokes, mean comments etc. Not because I am a bad person, but some people, rather most people with exception of a few can’t handle my energies. On a good day when I am high vibing people look at me like I am running around with a clown wig or something. They can’t embrace/relate to my spirit. I look younger than my age and a lot of people are taken aback when they find out how old I am. Almost in a resentful sort of way. How can I look youthful and have such a lighthearted spirit at my middle age when they can’t. I have been called a Polyannia (sp?) often. This hurts me. Sometimes I can get people wrapped up in my hype, but other times more often than not especially now that I am oder I get burned at the stake. When I was younger I accomplished and got away with a lot more then now at middle age. I don’t like being made fun of or the looks of amazement like I am on crack or something just because I am happy. I hate the slights, personal attacks, and being thrown under the bus as a way to level the playing field. I am just me!

  15. Nancyon 06 May 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Aniko,

    Thank you for your comments! It certainly sounds like you are doing your part to raise the vibration of the world wherever you are ~ and that’s wonderful. What’s not so wonderful is how challenging it all feels to you. Please know that there are many others here who share your experiences, and together we support one another with love and great light and peace. Also please know that those who do not yet understand are acting from a place of either ignorance or fear; we might feel compassion for them, when we;’re in a good place ourselves, because they are not in the presence of Source and love, and therefore they are still suffering.

    Although it may not seem like it at times, you CAN choose to shift your energy fields and refocus on Source/Love. This is the only thing that’s real. it is what endures.

    Go back to the I AM inside. Your connection with Source will sustain you through all manner of events.

    Hope this helps? Let me know.

    Warm hugs!

  16. Andréon 03 Jul 2009 at 5:41 am

    Hi everyone!
    I heard about Indigo and Crystal children, but never cared about it, I thought that was just another New Age craze without real meaning.
    Yesterday in the evening I was sitting at my desk reading my emails when I opened Google and typed “How to know an Indigo Child”, I have no children and don’t work with them so I had no real interest in the subject, it was just a click inside my head. I found some pages with the traits of Indigo Adults and almost all of them looked like they were talking about me. I was shocked and at the same time a lot of things made sense.
    Now I don’t know if I’m really an Indigo or not but I’ll tell you about me:
    I’m 27 and I have a tendency for spiritual things and religions since I was 8 (thank the gods, my parents were into spiritual religions too, so that was not an issue). I could see things when I was younger and now, although I lost that ability (at least most of the times) I still have some anxiety and the feeling I’m always being watched (I’m thinking of asking a friend who is psychotherapist if this can be paranoia).
    When I was at school, I loved going there to learn, but as soon as the classes started for the day I would lose interest because I already learned that the day before or because I found no utility on the subjects, so my grades were average when all the teachers said I could be the best if I wanted to. I never had a lot of friends, everyone knew me, but I was the one who never get invited to parties or I was just the punching bag. I didn’t like normal activities like playing football with the guys and such (I’m not very good at physical sports, so I didn’t really care). I was never successful with girls (I’m married and happy now, so I guess that is history) because I’m more the anti-social type. I’m a musician (by hobby) for 13 years but I never went too far, I can learn the skills easily, but don’t have patience to practice. My stuff is an absolut caos, everything is just thrown around, but I like to have my computer files well organized.
    At work I’m a mess I don’t like to follow orders, but If I’m my own boss I only like the job while it is a challenge, when it comes to routine i hate it.
    I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up” and that is turning into a big problem about my life (Specially with family, I’m unenmployed and my wife too, so my parents are paying the loan so I don’t lose my house, but they are getting tired as they say I don’t want to work).
    While I was reading this article I remembered that when I was about 4 years old I used to tell stories about “when I lived in another planet”.
    I’m not really sure if I’m an Indigo (it’s a new concept for me) or if I’m just plain weird, but if I’m an Indigo, what do I do now? What am I waiting for?

  17. Nancyon 08 Jul 2009 at 2:31 pm

    hi Andre,

    Happy to meet you! And I’m glad you found this site and can get adjusted to your new realization. Sounds like you have some entrepreneurial possibilities. If you’d like to write to me privately please do so. I have some things I’d love to share with you.

    Meanwhile, may you find peace in your heart and a song in your soul.

  18. Kellyon 28 Sep 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Um, hi.
    I am currently in a major state of confusion. Up until about a week or so ago, I’d never heard of anyone being an indigo. The whole concept is completely new to me. However, I’ve found myself completely obsessing over this. I am internally driven to learn more. I’ve read through several lists of characteristics of an indigo and most of it certainly sounds like me and things I’ve experienced. At about 4yrs old I told my mom that I wasn’t me (as in my body) but that I was the voice I heard inside my head. I also would carry out tasks/playing while asleep. Needless to say, my mom was completely freaked and it’s my first memory of feeling like I don’t belong. There are no pictures of me as a child where I look happy. I never really had many friends. Everyone either hates me for who knows why or is inexplicably drawn to me to the point it’s overwhelming and I push them away anyway. I really only get along with very small children or animals. I don’t know what my IQ is, but I got decent grades. Never studied or did homework. I got kicked out of school 6weeks before graduation. I stopped going to class and spent my days hanging out at the local fish and wildlife preserve. They told me not to come back but my transcript says “withdrew, lack of interest”. I then spent several years (age 18-25) in deep depression with suicidal tendancies. I finally almost succeeded and it was like a jolt. There must be something I’m meant to do. I still feel “unworthy” and alone. I have issues with rage. I am rarely emotional with/for my family yet I can’t watch tv (csi) and onstar commercials make me burst into tears. I think I’m an insane freak. A lady told me yesturday that I’m as indigo as the deep blue sea. Am I? How do I know? Why don’t I understand what my “job” is? Oh, and I’m 30 now. There is more to this rambling and several things that have happend lately, but I think I’ve spilled enough for now. Strangely, I feel alittle relief from typing this.

  19. Nancyon 29 Sep 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Hi Kelly,

    Hey I’m so glad you found us at last! Welcome home 🙂 You are definitely among friends and kindred souls here!

    Your story sounds very familiar; many other Indigos would definitely identify with you. And yes, we are all here for a mission: to make this world a better place. What each one’s purpose might be can change from time to time, so rather than being concerned because it isn’t clear yet, keep asking — and finding things to do to make it better where you are. Turn from what is not loving, help those who reach out (where and if you can), and just beam your inner Light on everyone.

    Yes it can feel like Earth isn’t the right place to be, because there are so many problems here — and so many people who don’t vibrate to the same resonant field as Indigos. But we’re tough people and we can take it! In fact, just by being here we ARE changing things. Fast. Look around you and stop listening to the TV or the news — that’s not where you’ll find the miracles. They are all around you when you look, though. . .

    Make sure to spend as much time as possible out in nature. That is where you will find sustenance for you soul, encouragement, and uplifting energy.

    If you’d like someone to talk to, contact me. I’m a great listener 🙂

    Until we meet again, I send you hugs and much joy and peace.


  20. Dianneon 18 Mar 2010 at 7:36 pm

    I heard about Indigo people yesterday, and I have been searching online all day, and I came upon this website page, and I just had to leave a comment! Thank You All, for being true to your spirit 😀 You’ve given me such comfort to know that you are here to help us in these troubling times. I feel assured to know that even with all these upheavals and chaotic states of affairs in the world, there are especially powerful people in the world who love to create peace and harmony for all humanity. I will continue to do my best to serve the collective efforts of enhancing the energy field of love and hope to all people 🙂 Thank You again and much love and peace to you for all that you’ve had to endure and tolerate just to be here now.

  21. Barton 09 Jul 2010 at 5:07 pm

    by heaven! this is truly a good piece of reading 🙂

    Thank you for writing this, any many thanks to people reacting.
    As for many things i always felt connected and spiritual since i was younger (26 atm)
    I did struggle alot with the constant psychological battle that goes along with “change” in people. Change scares people unless you showed them suffieciently “how to” do it differently.
    The part i truly was truggling with lately but now feel lifted again thanks to reading this,
    is that i somehow feel my growth as I where a bouncing ball. I can be so truly shining gold, beeing one with my self. As for some reason after i fall back to a much darker state, so we all struggle such huge differences? Is it because of beeing misunderstood?
    I do not have questions about what I am here for but I do really wonder why i can be so imature and mature at the same “time” (wich is so relative off course).
    The thing is, one day i can heal someone and know where this energy is needed on whatever distance, at that moment my connection with the cosmos is clear and present. At other moments I just fail to do anything, even just feel good or balanced.

    And the stranger thing about that is, even when feeling really down i can be just happy towards people genuinly. This was called by someone as wearing a mask but this just feels like I am 2 very large opposites same time and place mostly, and i know it is not a split personality because I’m very aware of myself as a whole.

    Is that some psychological drawback or is it advantage common for Indigo’s? Mostly you hear alot of upsides to this but to bare the hits from the drawbacks requires quite a strong personality.

    love and respect

  22. Guyon 28 Jul 2010 at 10:51 am

    I was born in 1987 so im relatively young but ever since i can remember I’ve had these feelings that I just can’t seem to describe. I’ve always felt like I was a king and that I had special purposes for being here. I can honestly say that it was no ego trip. I just knew I was destined for greatness. I used to tell people that they should feel the same way about themselves but I quickly realized that this wasn’t the case. I have heard things that I couldn’t see and even saw flashes of light at times through my life. My aunt tried to introduce me to religion as a young chils but for some reason I’ve always caught strong vibes against it. I’ve always been a person to question and lean towards rejection when it came to certain documented history, government, and religion ( and religious books ). I can always tell when I’m being lied to. I don’t tell people I know I just keep it to myself. My mind is steadily in action. I know I’m connected to a higher source and its calling me to help other and spread messages through my music ( which I have been doing since I was a kid). Another thing I noticed with myself is that I am at a stage in my life where I feel like I’m being driven by a super strong divine force. I assume I must be going through some kind of evolution process because it feels like my once divine spark potential has now reached a level where it went from that spark to a full fledge fire. And now that I have reached this level there is no turning back. I can’t and I won’t. My burning divine desire will not allow me to go back to that lower state of mind concious that I once had. And even though a lot of people don’t understand us I still try to help them with the process and tell them of the powerful spiritual being they are but it is not understood by them as I do. At first I was unsure of what was happening but now I see that I’m really here for the benefit of humanity and I will do my part. Sorry for the run offs but I had to get this off my chest. Love to all and may peace be unto you on your path.

  23. Aliyon 07 Aug 2010 at 3:02 am


    My name is Aliy. I am 17 and have thought i was indigo for 6 or 7 years but never really looked into it. my aunt brought it up to me when i was younger. I’ve always felt different in the way that i can see, feel, understand, etc. things better or clearer then others around me. i am confused and don’t even know exactly what indigo’s ability is, and how i can strengthen that ability. help?


  24. Emilyon 14 Jan 2011 at 8:01 am

    Hi Nancy,I come across with this website after I have done some reasearch ,looking for more about indigo people,I have 39 years old ,I have a son wich is 18 now and right now I feel stuck,unable to do anything,confused…however I know I have to do something,I m good in so many things…In my mind I have a lots of ideas but I cant put it to practice,I don’t know why …..but the urge to do something is huge.My childhood after 5 was something i don’t want to remeber.I always felt like I m not from this world,feel diferent even feel strange from my family, even now I m not geting along very well.I can see things sometime,all the time I have the feeling of just knowing ,I dream by the time I remember (some of them turn out to be true) some of them think just keep me in touch with the other dimensions.I read a lot by the time I remeber,very quick indeed .I can reed one book with 200 pages in about on hour.I have an exceptional memory,vivid imagination and a urge to study all day along about anything to do with human nature and the univers.I know why we are here as a race,but I find dificult to find my purpose in life.I m qulified nurse but I m not working for 10 years even if I m damn good but I always feel to do something diferent.People are drawn to me instantly doesn’t matter where I m and it feel strange even now with all my undestandind when they start to talk about the most hidden secrets because they feel to talk about it (I ‘ve been told).I have a fear of dark,can’t sleep with light swiched of.Sometimes I find myself talking about things wich I don’t know where is coming from but what is worry me the most is what is happening to me lately.I see like I m not fit in this world anymore,nothing make sense to me,I feel like I m in the buble with everything in slow motion like the time is stop.I m in relationship right now wich I belive make me a lucky one because he undestand me with everything I m or I come up,but still very dificult to make friends because I can see them inside and is very hard for me to pretend.I belive my son could be an indigo as well because he can see aura but he didn’t pay much atention like I wish to.Anyway there are a lots aff things I can write about.I would like to know your thoughs about it and I would like an advice from you if you will know someone who can I talk to.thank you

  25. Luciano Vidottoon 18 Apr 2011 at 9:36 am

    Hello Nancy, please help me. I´ve been reading about indigos and i would like to know if there´s any chance to me to be one of them since i have some of their characteristcs. I was born on 06-03-1968 at 4:30am in Colorado-PR Brazil.
    I really appreciate all the help yu can give me.

    Elohin bless you and continue to give you all the light and love you deserve for all the work you have been done.

  26. Carminellaon 11 Jun 2011 at 5:12 am


    Recently i have been having niggling feelings about the possibility of being an indigo child but still have doubts and question if this is possible despite taking the test that gave a result of 42/50.
    I have always followed a different path from others and felt separated from others naturally. From an early age I had a great sense of spirituality and an increasing awareness of the bigger picture. My family is not like this at all.
    I found my self collecting tonnes of literature on witchcraft, ancient religions, psychology, occult sciences etc some of which is apparently quite heavy duty for someone of my age. (I began my interest in this from around 8/9 years old)
    According to others I have a healing aura and exude positive energies, and have changed some peoples lives for the better ‘putting them on the right path’.
    I have get rushing of ideas and theories of the world around me, and speak with wisdom beyond my years. I was not so much a troublesome child but I knew how to use my intelligence to be able to become at level with my tutor if not above, even with them letting me take charge.
    As to politics, this subject I cant bear to even speak of as it genuinely angers me, and has done for some years. I am considering ways to live without conforming to this ‘power-over’ way of life. I refuse to be part of something thats built on such false grounding, although i believe that humankind had to get this point to be able to understand the importance of spirituality, as the increasing seeking of instant gratifications ceases to satisfy.
    Secretly I have feelings that I am supposed to change the modern world or atleast spread the message. I am currently in my second year of my degree in fashion design, and having fantastic ideas on how I can put across my messages through catwalk media. such as my ‘ghosts of our former selves’ collection using projections of models giving a haunting atmosphere and how human beings are more image obsessed this leaving behind their essence.
    Either way I am still confused about the indigo adult, and will continue my research.
    As I still cant help but question it.

  27. Juleson 16 Jun 2011 at 7:01 am

    I came across your site the other day and was amazed at how much I identify with a lot of you here. I have a wonderful husband, and daughters who I am really proud of. I am lucky in so many ways that I hate to whinge, which is what this seems like sometimes.

    Having read your comments I wanted to add my own experiences, and I’m still a bit unsure about all this even though my score suggests that I too am an indigo, and if I’m truthful it feels right inside. I have some wonderful friends that I value beyond rubies, but on the whole I have always felt like an outsider amongst other people, like I’m some kind of martian. The human race never fails to disappoint me, but perhaps I’m just naive.

    I have always been interested in the paranormal, history and geology. When I was five I suddenly became very frightened of ghosts after we moved to a new house where I used to walk down the stairs backwards (!!) because I thought something was behind me. Since then I’ve had many strange occurrences but I have an inner sceptic who keeps questioning. I’m also interested in all religions and investigate them.

    I hated school although I loved learning as someone else said, but although I wanted to rebel, I always had it in my mind who would suffer if I did and suppressed it. I’m not good at authority, especially the kind the kind that thinks you should be unquestioning and respect it regardless of how it operates – again luckily I have a lot of flexibility.
    I’d like to say that I still don’t know what I want to do ‘when I grow up’ and I’m nearly fifty (OMG, where did the time go). I fell into my job, but it has always felt temporary, like there’s something else I should be doing. I’m drawn to writing and the arts and have started studying for a degree in my spare time. I’m beginning to wonder though if I’ll ever find out my true purpose – perhaps I’m just deluded.

    Sorry I’m rambling on, you must have had enough now.

    Thanks for the site and the opportunity to see other people’s experiences

  28. Ayaon 10 Aug 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Another one Indigo, from birth… Always trying to be realistic, but the more I try to be realistic, the more I observe the world, the more I am different from others.. If I want to adjust, I have to play blind and deaf.. If I want to be truthful to myself and others, I have to accept that I will be rejected… I feel so connected with entire existance (universe, nature), I don’t need religion or philosophy (even though I ‘ve read tones of books.. and became life coach along the way. ..:)))
    Anyway, big hug to all of you, glad to find this article and site, and be free to contact me at aurorauranium@gmail ;))) I will be glad to exchange experiences.. Love you all! :***

  29. voyuon 05 Sep 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Hi there everyone. Firstly I would like to apologies all of you, who care about good grammar, and style, I’m from Western Europe, so I’m ain’t perfect in English.

    Anyway. I guess I’m glad to write this, but still not sure. I was wondering if that is another parapsychologist text, with many stupid informations about intuition. And I found it pretty logical. Indygo. Most of features suits to me. I’ve always felt, hm, strange compare to other people. I’m sure that mean something. I hate system, stupidity, lack of logic and hm…I would like to change something. Is there something like community of Indygos? I would appreciate mail or post answer ;]

  30. Carolinaon 15 Nov 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Hello! My name is Carolina and I´d like to confirm wheter I am an Indigo adult or not. I fit with most of the characteristics but I´d really appreciate your opinion.
    I was born in Argentina in 1979, I used to have premonitions (visions) when I was a child but I had to block them because I scared my family. I underwent serious deppression when teenager and during my adulthood too. At the age of 20 I experienced serious paranormal activities in my house, there was a presence that tried to choke me at night, and it even trew me out of bed and shaked my bed. A clairvoyant told me there were several entities around me. I have seen ghosts several times also. Years went by, I felt a call to an Earth religion, Wicca. Worshipping the Earth forces gave the sense of being at home. I felt it was something natural for me. I dislike organised religion, I can´t bare control or authority, I feel misplaced most of the time. Even though I have no problems at socializing, I´m becoming a loner. I meditate and I hold conversations with higher selfs, I know things from unknown sources, I just happen to know them, from “occult” knowledge to handwork, I frecuently have the feeling I have done some things previously. I have been mentally into a city of light twice. Today it was the most vivid experience: I saw other souls and a different world, just like our planet but everything was made of white light, I saw our planet at the distance and shinny dots floating towards the sky, I was told they were souls rising. There was a soul by my side accompaning me during the journey. I strongly feel deep changes are coming accompanied by a period of extreme chaos. I feel the world changing as well as myself. It´s confusing sometimes and deppressing to see the Earth being destroyed, the animals slaughted. I´m very sensitive towards animals that´s why I became vegetarian 16 years ago. I connect with them a great deal. I know for sure this is my last time on Earth, and I feel I have to do something important that´s why I´m studying Transpersonal Psychology to help others to awake and to accompany them through the process.
    Please, I´d love to hear your opinion! This is something I don´t dare to speak with anybody because they would think I went mad.
    Thanks for being there.
    Yours sincerely

  31. Alejandraon 01 Jan 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Hi to all,

    I am happy to know all of you. I think you all know what has driven me to read all your posts.

    Its nice to know you have company.

  32. joeyon 01 Mar 2012 at 12:32 am

    Well i think i may be an adult indigo

  33. Andrewon 10 Apr 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Nancy… My question is simply this, what exactly is an indigo? I’ve read a few websites but really found no definite answer to the question. So, what are they, really?


  34. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 10:58 am

    Hi Andrew! That is a very good question. The reason it’s so hard to find a simple answer is that each person IS an individual. And, frankly, Indigos themselves hate labels 🙂 Quite the conundrum, eh?

    That said, I do want to attempt to answer your question as best I can. What I am about to say is based on my own personal experience and also observation of thousands of people who self-identify as having an Indigo vibration. So there ARE some common characteristics that we all share. Here goes.

    — Indigos are people who: are born with an unshakeable connection to Source.
    — They are awake and aware, even from birth — and will stay that way unless they choose to deaden their consciousness through substance abuse.
    — They tend to be upset by how the world does not match what they know is the ideal; such things as violence, power-over, lies, and lack of respect are deeply upsetting.
    — They are often highly gifted or talented in one or more areas.
    — They are super-intelligent.
    — They are often misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD because they are attuned and “wired” differently.
    — They often have environmental sensitivities — and thrive on more holistic medical approaches and energy healing rather than pharmaceutical/traditional medicine.
    — As children they often get in trouble with “authorities” because they will challenge what they see is not right.

    These are a handful of characteristics shared by most or all Indigos. There are others and certainly degrees or permutations of them.

    Personally I do not use scales, ages markers, or any external criteria to say whether someone is an Indigo or not; nor do I tell people whether they are or not. That is for each one to decide from your inner truth.

    What we have in common is more important than what divides us 🙂

    I hope that I have answered your question. If you have other questions, please do ask. And thank you for visiting! May you walk in peace and happiness always 🙂

  35. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:08 am

    Welcome, Joey! Glad you are here 🙂

  36. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:11 am

    Welcome Alejandra 🙂

  37. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:24 am

    Hello Voy, Thank you for asking. If you would like to be notified when we create a discussion forum, please join the mailing list. We have something we’re planning and I’d love for you to be part of it.

    Until then, many blessings of peace and light.

  38. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:26 am

    Thank you, Aya! You’re are welcome here. Please also know that you are supported in ALL your changes and self-growth and development, by Source. Please join our list if you want to be notified of new events to meet and connect with others like you 🙂

  39. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:27 am

    Welcome, Jules! You’re definitely in the right place 🙂 Please make sure you’ve joined our list, if you want to be notified of new events and opportunities to connect with other Indigos.

    Many blessings of peace and light.

  40. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:30 am

    Hi Carminella.

    It’s something each of us must come to terms with, as to how we identify ourselves in the world. Yes it’s useful to know that there are others like us, no matter what we call ourselves. Please DO continue to question 🙂 No one of us has all the answers; YOU are the authority on YOU, after all.

    Thank you for expressing and sharing your gifts with the world. That is how we change the world, by BEING who we are and shining the love and light inside of us. May your path bring you much delight and joy :-0

  41. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:32 am

    Luciano, only you can say for sure how you identify yourself. Please do not ask others to validate what you know to be true inside you. Accept and embrace the wonderful being you are. Never mind the labels — they only help us to understand more about how to connect with one another when we meet in the outer world.

    Meanwhile, trust your inner wisdom and connection to Source, always 🙂

  42. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:35 am

    Hello Carolina,

    Welcome! You are in the right place. As I have advised so many others here, trust yourself. Your inner knowing and connection with Source will lead you to the truth inside. No one outside yourself has the right to say what that is!

    You seem to have many sensitive gifts. Allow them to unfold and express them in as many ways as you can, through kindness and love. The ways will unfold if you seek them 🙂

    May you walk in peace and confidence.

  43. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:45 am

    Hi Emily, Welcome! It seems that you are in a major “seeking” mode. One of the best things for you to do when you’re feeling a bit lost is to get quiet and centered. Learn to ask questions that go to the heart of what you want. For instance, which is more important to you — to find fulfilling work to do, or to find a supportive and mutual relationship with someone? You can’t do the kind of inner work you need to do while you are feeling stressed or confused.

    That is why I always suggest that people get quiet and go out into Nature. Nature is a blessing and a refuge from the fast pace of the outer world. Turn off the media. Go where it’s truly quiet and peaceful and just spend some time there. Allow answers to come to you. They will, if you get enough quiet time and space.

    May you walk in light and peace always.

  44. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:47 am

    Hi Ally, Go to your center and be still. The knowing comes from within.

    The more time you spend in connection with Source, the more will be revealed to you.

    Thank you for sharing your Light!

  45. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 11:49 am

    Hello Guy,

    Welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I am glad that you are reaching higher within you, and seeking your right and true path. Your answers will come in time; be patient and allow things to unfold in beauty and joy.

    Thank you for sharing your light with the world!

  46. Nancy Boydon 01 May 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Hello Bart! You raise several truly interesting points here. I will try to respond to them, from my own perspective and experience.

    The question about how you can be both so immature and mature at the same time is one that comes up all the time for us Indigos! I’ve heard it expressed as “how can you be so smart and so dumb at the same time”? (grin)

    I don’t know the whole answer, but I’m pretty sure that at least part of it has to do with the fact that we often perceive multiple dimensions simultaneously — and while one response might be appropriate for one dimension it isn’t for others. So that’s one layer of it. Another layer is that we are sensitive to (and perceptive of) more than just our own personal energy fields; we are aware of much that’s going on around us and even into other time/space fields — so who can say which one is the “right” one to respond to? Then of course there are all the layers of our own personal development and attention. We might be extremely intelligent intellectually but still growing emotionally, for instance. That would especially account for a LOT of the discrepancies!

    Another one (and this is my personal favorite, by the way) is when we absolutely know that we are in a playground called Earth — and we just want like crazy to go ahead and play, and not be bound or restricted by external rules (especially ones we didn’t make.) Not everyone will like or appreciate the games we devise here — because some of them are for our own amusement, honestly — but the fact is that we DO have to be respectful of the fact that others occupy the same playground that we do, and not all of them like to play (or even understand the idea of Life as a game or experiment.) When we encounter those others in a different frame of reference, yes there is going to be some potential for conflict. That is where the kindness comes in; we owe it to ourselves and others to always be kind, especially if we are exuberantly out there playing life as a wild game 🙂 (We can always invite others to join us, you know — if they want to.)

    The last bit of your comment is something I’ve experienced too — and not always sure how to be with it. I suspect it has to do with awareness on multiple levels, and the realization that we can choose which way we’d prefer to feel or what we want to experience more.

    Anyone else have other thoughts about this? This is a very interesting discussion!! Thank you for sharing it 🙂

  47. jayon 25 Jul 2012 at 1:52 am

    Hello! How are you nancy? I was just wondering your personal opinion, on whether you think I am an Indigo or not. I never really thought about it until I heard about it. But ever since I was young I have been overly sensitive, especially when it comes to other people, I can usually read them preciscly. I can sense when something is bugging or taunting someone that is close to me. It feels like I live in a “dream” sometimes, would be the best way to describe it. I have had very phonomanal spirtual occurences in my family, and have had a phsycic/ reader approach me and tell me that I have a very good energy around me, I am interested in this kind of study and would appreciate a feedback, thanks for your time. Cheers

  48. Nancy Boydon 25 Jul 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Hello Jay, and thanks for stopping by to comment. The best answer I can give to your questions are for you to claim who you are fully and stop looking for outside verification. While this may seem as though I am deflecting an answer, in truth no one but you can say whether or not you identify with the majority of indigo traits. It’s an important step for each of us to take, to claim our own sense of who we are and why we’re here.

    Are you ready to take that step?

    It seems to me that you’re getting close to it! The sense I get is of circling the pool trying to decide whether to dive in or just dip a toe or two 🙂 All I can tell you about that is that it’s up to you.

    And on the subject of training courses? There is no way to “teach” someone to be or become Indigo! You are born as you are — and most of us DO continue to develop ourselves along various lines of discipline as we mature. But the basic traits? We come in with them. So perhaps there are areas of your life you’d like to explore further and develop more deeply; please do so.

    Since energy seems to be something that’s calling to you right now, why not start there and see what kinds of training are available for you to develop your innate talents further? Reiki is one place that would make an excellent start, for instance. I’m sure that you will find others.

    Hope these comments were helpful for you? Please let me know — and do stay in touch 🙂

  49. Mariaon 21 Aug 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Hi Nancy 🙂 I only recently started reading about Indigo Children and Adults, and what I’ve read sounds like the story of my life. After reading your Indigo Assessment it all made sense. I feel…relieved I guess, to finally know that I’m not alone out here.

    My mother (whom I also believe is an Indigo Adult) has told me that when I was a toddler I was always curious. I wanted to touch and smell and see everything, I was particularly curious about plants (I once unearthed all my mother’s potted plants…needless to say I never thought about doing it again after the consequences) and I didn’t like it when someone said “NO”. As a child I had difficulty making friends. You know? Real friends, the ones who would stick with you through thick and thin. I never understood why they couldn’t love me the way I loved them, why they couldn’t treat me the way I treated them. This lack of mutual affection made me feel very betrayed, I would say that it’s the reason why I have been a loner for most of my life. When we had to give speeches in class about “What I want to be when I grow up”, I had no idea, I just knew that I loved looking at the sky, stars, and wishing I could be IN the sky all the time. It wasn’t until I was 6 years old when I watched Apollo 13 for the first time that I asked my parents “what’s an astronaut?” and they explained that astronauts are people who go into space. After that I knew what I was meant to do, what my purpose in life is, and since then I have dedicated all of my energy and will to this one goal.

    When I was about 8 years old I had this theory about the Universe: that our Universe is a bubble that can expand and contract, but it’s also surrounded by other bubbles (universes) whose borders are almost touching. And my other theory was that black holes are doorways to the space that’s between the bubbles. What’s funny is that I’ve found out that physicists have only recently started looking into the exact same theory I stated when I was 8 (but in a more sophisticated fashion) and have said that there is evidence in our own Universe that can prove it!

    Growing up was even harder for me. Highschool was tough, both with studies and socially. Going into highschool I felt that I couldn’t trust anyone. I looked at the other teens and all I could see were individuals with masks on. Yet I still showed them unconditional love, even though they used me to gain better grades and even though I disapproved of their “masks”. I have never been able to fit into a social group, the very idea of changing who I am to “fit in” and be “liked” was revolting. I have always had a great long term memory; my short term memory on the other hand requires a lot of focus on my part. Same with studies: I had to REALLY force myself to do homework and study for tests, procrastination was my way of trying to get away from normal conventions. Focusing on work is a challenge, especially “robotic” or monotone work. I can’t stand it, I start feeling like someone’s trying to choke me and force me to comply.

    I have a very strong connection to numbers. I can look at numbers in specific orders and get a feeling from them. In 2001 I remember getting my very first Casio digital watch during the summer holidays. Being a nerdy kid that was the best gift I could ever image. But in August I had a very strange experience. Every morning when I looked at my watch I would see 09:11. I will never forget that because every time I saw that number I felt a cold shiver and unhappiness, like I lost someone but I couldn’t put a face to them. This carried on for pretty much all of August. It wasn’t until the 9th of September 2001 (9/11) when the twin towers were hit that I realized why I was feeling that way. I don’t know if it was premonition or coincidence, I just know what I remember.

    I have always had this feeling deep down inside, even as a child, that I don’t really belong here (I still feel like an alien from another planet). I constantly feel like I want to get away from this planet, even with all its beauty I just want out, things don’t feel right. When I was between the ages of 12-17 I started having these weird…visions for the lack of a better word. It’s like seeing something or someone from the corner of your eye. You can see who/what they are but when you turn to look at it straight on the image vanishes. I had one very scary experience when I was alone with my dog in my parent’s old apartment once. We lived on the 2nd floor and I was just watching TV when I had this urge to look at the glass balcony doors, like it was very important to see. In the reflection of the doors I could see the hallway, but who I saw IN the hallway was what scared me. It was a silhouette of a strange man, tall and dark and he was moving slowly into my parent’s bedroom. I actually saw him turn the corner into the bedroom, and that freaked me out. Terrified I went in the room to see if he was real, but found no one. I was completely alone, with the exception of my dog. I still get these images from time to time, and sometimes I feel like a “flower” is opening inside my mind (I don’t know any other way to explain it). Sometimes I let it open and I can feel that everything is connected. Sometimes I get scared of it and stop it, but when I do I feel like my mind overloads and I experience a sensory overload (dizziness, everything looks brighter, noise becomes unbearable, not being able to think properly…etc). I have also had this funny knack for knowing what people are going to say, and sometimes I would finish their sentences for them. My mother and I finish each other’s sentences all the time, we find it quite natural and fun, but when we do it in public people look at us like we’re not normal. The reason why I believe that my mother may be an Indigo Adult is because she has gone through a lot of the same things that I’ve gone through in life. She has seen similar things (visions) that I have seen. And she is the only person on this planet that I feel completely normal with and that I know loves me unconditionally and I love her the same way, not just because of the mother-daughter bond. I don’t even feel this type of bond with my fiancé, even though we love each other very much, I don’t get that “hey we’re the same” vibe from him.

    I have always had an affinity towards animals. I adopted Argos from a shelter, he’s a border collie mix, and have never treated him the way others treat their dogs. I see him as my family, I talk to him, hug, cuddle, and kiss him like I would anyone else in my family. I once had an…experience…with a stray dog. I remember petting him on the head and talking to him asking him where his people were. Instinctively I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, and I could feel a connection forming, I could “sense” him. For about a steady minute our eyes were locked. Unfortunately I don’t think he liked that as he nipped my finger and ran away. As for Argos, I can always sense when he’s happy, sad, bored, not feeling well, wants to play or talk. Having this bond and love for all animals I became a vegetarian early on. I don’t understand why humans consume the flesh of what was once a living, conscious being that could feel and, like us, had a desire to live a happy and free life.

    I have never revealed these things to other people (I tried once to someone I thought was a friend, she proceeded to freak out and tell me that I need therapy because of the things I feel), except for my mother who seems to share the same feelings and experiences as I have, and of course to you all now. I just feel this relief that I’m not alone; I have felt so depressed at times thinking that it was only me and my mom who are seeing and experiencing these things, that we were all alone and fighting a battle we couldn’t win. All this said, I don’t know if I truly am an Indigo adult (I guess it’s because I’ve never thought of myself as anything else but normal, in my own special way of course ?), I haven’t heard of Indigo adults until about 2 weeks ago, but from what I’ve read in your description it felt like you were describing who I am and what I stand for.

  50. Nancy Boydon 22 Aug 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Hi Maria! Welcome 🙂 You are definitely in the right place. And, you are definitely not alone. While being here in this time is not the easiest path, it’s what we have all chosen — because the Universe needs each of our particular energy and gifts, right here, right now.

    Please be gentle with yourself, and allow your inner Light to lead you from your heart. Know that you are never alone, very much loved, and always connected with Source, wherever you are.

    May you walk in dignity, peace, and happiness always 🙂

    With many blessings,


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