Apr 11 2008

How Do You Know If You Are an Adult Indigo?

One of the most frequent questions I hear from people is, “How do you know if you are an Adult Indigo?” Or “I thought this was only about the kids. How could an adult be one?” I hope this post answers your questions — and gives you some “food for thought.”

First of all, the question wouldn’t even come up unless someone has a deep identification with the traits and characteristics that distinguish Indigos. (Feel free to take the Indigo assessment here to find out where you fall within a range of common Indigo traits and characteristics.) So one would wonder, where is that identification coming from?

Secondly, I sometimes hear the statement from people in their 4th, 5th or 6th decades that “I’m too old to be Indigo.” Not so. Here’s why. The early Indigos (and I am one of them; maybe you are too!) were pretty much “in hiding” until the 1980’s when the next BIG wave of children began to arrive. Until then, it was dangerous in a million ways for us to reveal who we are and what our soul mission is here.

Why is that important to know? First of all, if someone is “in hiding” then they are not likely to reveal themselves to others, except perhaps for a very small circle of trusted friends or family members. How would the world know about us if we didn’t want to be discovered? (And trust me, we didn’t!)

Secondly, when the large wave of new Indigo children came in (and here I’m talking about millions of Indigo babies being born into families all around the world), the energy field upon which we adult Indigos have depended grew more stable. We did not need to rely solely on the intricate and thin web of Light that we had built with our own systems and knowledge. (And yes, there was such a web, before the large one we all created together later!) The new wave allowed us to relax, begin to reveal our Light, wisdom and stories — and be supported for it more than was ever possible before that time.

Thirdly, for many of us, our “real work” only began as soon as the big wave of Indigos came in during the 1980s. Many of us were just marking time, doing the best we could with our circumstances, often feeling adrift, until the ’80’s. when suddenly it might have felt that we were somehow called forward or awakened from a dormant state, our true mission “activated” at last. (Note: I don’t mean this to sound fatalistic, because it isn’t. We all had our assignments when we got here; it’s just that for many of us, the assignment didn’t start until we were several decades old — if that makes any sense. If you are one of the adult Indigos for whom this is true, you will immediately understand what I’m talking about here.)

Finally, we who came in first have been pathmakers. We prepared the energetic field for the others. We were truly like “linebackers” energetically — we cleared much energy, made many preparations, and “took the hits” that might have devastated the younger ones later on. We raised the collective vibration where possible, and engaged with our missions as best we were able. There were no guides. There were no signposts. Imagine what that must have been like, if you can: like being behind enemy lines in a hostile and dangerous territory. doing work upon which all life on this planet might one day require for its very existence. Los Ingognitos: that’s who we were. And we came in gladly, knowing that this is how it would be when we got here.

Were some of the hippies of the 1960’s early Indigos? By and large, no. They had a different role, mission and purpose. The Indigos who came in during this time recognized the hippie movement as a necessary energetic wave — and a few got caught in the drug scene and were lost during that time.

Of course one of the common arguments I hear is this: “But aren’t we all waking up now? Aren’t many people evolving into the traits that Indigos carry?” Ahh! Good question. And yes, there is an answer. Many humans are indeed waking up now. The ascension energies and process is like a tide that “lifts all boats.”

But here is the #1 criteria that I use (successfully, I believe) to help a person discern whether s/he is one of those evolving and waking up, or if s/he is Indigo. After you consider the traits and characteristics that many indigos share, ask yourself this one simple question: “Have you always been this way? Or have you changed as you have grown and developed yourself?”

If you have always been this way, you are most likely Indigo, regardless of how old you are now.

If you have evolved and developed these characteristics over time, then probably you are not.

The New Children disdain labels and don’t really like being set apart. Let us who are adults accept ourselves for who and what we are with the same grace.

If you recognize yourself now as an Adult Indigo, however, welcome to you! I am honored and happy to meet you. I hope you will contact me and introduce yourself; I’d love to hear from you.

We truly live in an amazing time. Whether you acknowledge yourself as Indigo or not, I appreciate your Light and thank you for adding your Love to a world that needs all of your special gifts.


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  1. Shannonon 25 Mar 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Hi! I am just now doing research on myself as I am recognizing many things in my son that give me “ah ha” moments for myself. I have always been interested in the paranormal, energies, etc. I didn’t know what to call them when I was a kid, but I was forever collecting fairies and unicorns and Pegasus and witches etc! When I was in HS I realized that Church definitely wasn’t for me and a friend introduced me to crystals!!! WOW! I could FEEL them!! It was amazing! Through crystals I learned of many other “unusual” topics and I followed my path to Wicca into college. I have since been self-taught, coven trained, and continue on my path. When my son was born I expanded further and realized as I have watched him that I connect with so many of the things he experiences. I am open to it all. As a child and especially in HS and college I always felt like I was being watched…and then I noticed that in reality I was also being stared at…while walking down the hall, crossing the street, etc. I even mentioned it to a friend once when I was in college and she told me I was imagining it…until she came to visit! And then we were walking on campus and she looked at me and said “Everyone DOES stare at you! What’s up with that??” I couldn’t answer, all I know is that I have always felt different from family and many friends. Thank you for having a site where I can continue to learn about myself and my son!!

  2. sarahon 30 Jun 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Are people still using this forum? Are there other forums where Indigos can meet?

  3. Ellison 17 Aug 2013 at 1:53 am

    Hello Nancy,

    I am honored and happy to meet you. I don’t really have much to say, which is odd for me. But, you gracefully articulated what I have known I am, (without exactly knowing at all). What I have known true to my soul and deep within my core. I am ready to serve my mission. 🙂


  4. Nancy Boydon 13 Sep 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Sarah, while this blog isn’t exactly set up as a forum, it IS a place where you can learn and connect (to a degree) with other Indigos and families in the Indigo/Crystal spectrum. Yes it’s still active, and we hope to address the many requests to make an actual discussion forum that’s safe for all of us. So please stay tuned!

  5. Nancy Boydon 13 Sep 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Welcome and thank you 🙂

    While I can’t say for sure why people stare at you, some of us do carry intense energy fields that others notice even if they are not as sensitive as we are. Some of those energy fields can actually be uncomfortable for them, and they may be trying to assess whether or not you are “safe” for them — as in, will you challenge them or not. Once they get to know you, they may have a different attitude.

    Either way, “who you are” can be provocative, even when you’re just being you. And frankly? This is one of the great challenges in being here at this time, before everyone is completely awake. We who are changemakers aren’t “easy” for the others. My personal view about that is that they deserve our kindness and support, too. We are better equipped than they are, and the world we’re co-creating together now will be much harder for them than for us.

  6. Micheleon 25 Jan 2015 at 5:46 pm

    As long as I can remember I can feel what people feel before they speak. I have always gone for the underdog because I always see something true in them. It has brought me much turmoil in my life and then I see the whole picture as it makes me stronger. I could have been protected by some of the heartache yet it always finds me. The most disturbing characteristic I endure is I always pick a place or person who brings me in trouble again as I has stated about the underdog, but it’s like a viscious cycle that I feel I never start a new on a path to success. Am I on the right path? I just feel like I exist and help others to where they need to be in life. I wish I can help my children and when I have in past my ex-husband has turned it on me for the worse. I always meet intuitive people as I sense it before the say it. I have always been like this and my friends in past have been spooked by my knowledge. I also get feelings of empathy I guess one can say when I think I am in a bad place or environment. I have had visions yet it’s not on a constant level. Sometimes I feel better alone isolated but I am very friendly? My son seems to have a gift, maybe both of them? I deal with depression from happenings too but always snap out of it. I just want to embrace my gift and be happy because I had a lot of heartbreak in my life as my brother passed my gift got stronger.
    Thank you for listening….
    Michele´s last blog post ..Kids Need Fresh Air and Green Spaces

  7. Dr.Gonzzzoon 28 Aug 2017 at 8:35 am

    So…I just discovered I may be a vintage Indigo. Apparently with powers that has been both dormant, or been with me since I was a kid, I just hid them.
    I score 20-23 of 25 on every test I take no matter what answer I give. Thanks to a liberal home, and a school system that was yet to start pathologizing kids who didn’t fit in, or could go off on a fuse every once in a while, I fail on the ADHD, ADD question. Depressions however, now that is a close companion I have intimate knowledge of.
    If I am intensely focused on something, I may borderline OCD, and will not be disturbed.

    I have always “known” I was different from others since I was a kid. I have felt differently wired as some has put it. In more ways than one. Tried to deny it. Tried to fit in. Never worked. Never got close to anyone or very few.
    I had my first true spiritual awakening at the growing age of 19 in the year of 1991, and became more self aware of my task. It was when I changed scenery, and became more aware of whom was on my wavelength and who was not. That’s when a new friendship arrived, and a ball started to roll. I was introduced to parapsychology. I went to India and had a true spiritual awakening right there. Things started to add up, and new pieces of the puzzle had been discovered.
    He later introduced me to a girl who immediately started calling me “Indigo” for some strange reason. She claimed it was my aura. Never taken an aura photo though.
    Since then, I have spent many years trying to deny what I heard, and escape from it. Thinking, if it’s true, it will come sooner or later. Those years has been spent trying to fit in the workplace as well as doing what I love most, traveling and finding material for my writing.

    It’s only the last 3-5 years since I came home from my ten year long journey around Europe, broke, unemployed and injured that I have taken time to explore different sides of me, and come to terms that what I have lived through, what I have seen, what I feel, is not what everybody goes through. No “normal” person would rather live in two bags traveling the world than having the 9-5 lifestyle with a wife, two kids, a dog and a villa. But I have been fine with it. What I have not been able to cope with for longer periods of time..is normal work. Passive aggressive bosses, CCTV camera all over, and clocking in every day, trying not to be late.
    That notion alone these days makes my stomach turn.

    But I also felt that I could cope without it, and leave the theatre of the movie of my life. I didn’t. Even though I tried once during a drunken stupor, and landed in the drunk tank for the first time. That’s when anxiety attacks started coming. Worst time too..Just as I was going in the army to “serve my country”. Already from day 1, I considered the whole army thing to be one gigantic joke… And did NOT become best friends with the officers.

    I have spent my years ever since trying to find my “calling”… Finding literature as the best way to convey my message. But it has been and still is a rough ride. Travels. Loneliness. Heartbreak. New sights, sounds and faces. Only to end up as images from a past you still try to comprehend. In the meantime, I have spent 3 years “back home”, accepting different sides to myself, and let myself explore them. This is now what has come on top as of late. Memories from childhood reoccurs. Inner eye visions from when I was a kid. Growing pains. First adventures. All the roads which has lead me to here.
    If only someone else could have taken my place when I heard the words spoken to me in India.

    What disturbs me is a few other things however:

    I never spoke until I was 3 according to my old mother whom I can refer to as either a witch, or an Elvish queen depending on what mood I am in.

    Nobody I know of could handle a staring contest with me.

    She has sensed my presence or heard me coming through the door before I actually arrived since childhood. In Norwegian, we call it Vardogr. It’s as if we have a messenger heralding our arrival.

    Although I did not grow up in a religious home, I was given freedom to explore my own spirituality. The Jesus character was introduced by school, and not at home. I liked him. I liked classes in Christianity. As I had issues with the Noah’s Ark, Adam&Eve and the creationist mythology, I had no problems with the principles that Jesus character stood for. I could identify with his message rather than his alleged divine connection. Sadly,most of his most aggressive followers don’t see it that way, and think they can do anything rotten.
    So, I have gone through my childhood Christianity, with the message of the sermon on the mount, tolerance as core values I still carry with me, and find in every other culture and religions core. Which most dogmatics and fundamentalists gleefully ignore.

    The last 5 years, I have also started to feel electrical vibrations in my body the same way as when my phone vibrates. That started when I lived in Ireland in 2012. It feels like I am lying on a vibrator or something. And then I realize, it comes from within.

    My premonition powers only work when I need it, and not just wanting them to work for personal gain. I just realized that this weekend. You don’t win in the football pool if you get too greedy, and lose focus 🙂

    In the supernatural realm, my experiences may have been few. Some mundane as others more frightening. The frightening ones has involved other people whom I was close to at the time. But all life changing as they have forced me to see the world, truth and reality in a bit different view than what is mainstream.

    If there is a long time since I have spoken with the people I have been closest to I just have to think of them, they would call the next day or two days after, saying “I dreamt about you last night.”
    They have also come to accept that I need my time “in my bubble”…And respect that.
    I never thought it was any Indigo about it.
    I like animals better than humans, and connect with them better.
    Most humans repulses me. That is, their mentality, their vibes, or lack of hereof. They live in their own self indulgent bubbles with a single consideration to the world and struggles that surrounds them. They kick and bully downwards, worship money, power and authority, and call themselves Christians. And brag about “their values” in comment sections as if they are a unique gift to the world.

    As you may see, I am a writer. A writer who struggles to find time, and energy to finish with the tasks he has started so he can move on to the next. I know what I have to do, but there is always something in between.

    There is one thing I do not really fit into the Indigo trait. Physical pain don’t bother me much. At least I like to think so. Physical pain is not as hard to bear as spiritual pain. Feeling the pain of others. Knowing where their tears comes from. Or just the average heartbreak. Which has for me been more devastating as if I were to be knocked out by Mike Tyson after having my ear bitten off.
    But lately, both stomach, knees and neck has started to act up.

    I also know what to do in order to shake things up and change a broken system on many levels. But I am afraid to take the steps to do it.
    I am also itching to “stand up to the man” in a public forum and teach my society that there are better ways to solve problems.
    I may not have their official education or diploma. I have something else. I have a hard knocks school of life. I have seen and experienced life from different angles and social statuses. I know where the shoe hurts. I also know what needs to be done. Even if I was asleep during most soc. economy classes in school, and dropped out of college after three lectures, yet still taking student loans living large for a short period while writing poetry and drinking. These days, I am cultivating new contacts and friends who might help me take a step further. My first two mushroom sessions reinforced my chi-energy, and expanded my heart chakra. I feel a whole new intensity on so many levels.

    There is more. All the instances separately might not mean anything. But if one add up all the small things, as well as the larger ones, and seeing they are pieces of a puzzle, I get puzzled. Am I doing this to stroke my own ego in a difficult time, or is there more to it?

    So now what?

    Are there any seer who can see what I have seen, repeat to me words I have heard spoken to me during my travels?

    So why am I all of a sudden now blurting out all this to complete strangers?

    If half of what you have written in your blog is true, wouldn’t a lot of scam artists be petrified in getting the attention of an Indigo or a Crystal child?
    If even half of what I wrote is true, where do I go from here?
    Why am I here with all this as if I was entitled to answers from people I have never met?

    With regards

    (I will reveal my real name when I get a ackonwledgement that confirms what I have shared)

  8. Nancy Boydon 28 Aug 2017 at 11:14 pm

    Hey Doc! Welcome. Your story is not all that unique, though you may not yet know or be connected in real life to others similar to yourself. They are here, however. . . and I would guess that you can sense them and/or have had contact with them in the dreamscape.

    Not sure if this is the validation you were looking for, but from my heart to yours — thank you for arriving here and thank you for enduring the pain of a world still hostile to Indigos and StarSeeds (which. . . I am coming to understand. . . is the core energy we carry.)

    Much love and appreciation to you and all the others who have yet to come forward. Thank you for your vast heart and Light.

    P.S. It’s up to you what you choose to reveal. There are no “requirements” . . .

  9. Dr.Gonzzzoon 29 Aug 2017 at 5:23 am

    Have I come to the right place?

    According to the ten tests I took, I supposedly am.

    For as long as I can remember have I carried more than one cross.


    I seem to fit the bill ” Early Wave Indigo” on all the tests I took for a laugh…I took one. I fit the bill. I took another one which was a bit different. I still fit the bill. Same with the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. It frightens me. Can this be correct?
    I still have hard times coming to terms if this is correct.

    Two things however.

    If I remember correctly, I didn’t speak the first 2-3 years. There are 2 specific memories from my pre-spoken years.
    A blissful light. As if I was in an airplane up among the clouds.
    I’m lying in a dark room. I am alone. I was frightened and needed comfort. Nobody came.

    And as of late, I have started to feel as if my body has been invaded by a vibrator.
    Those vibrations can comer at any time or place when I least expect it.
    My stomach and taste buggs has become more sensitive to different sorts of food.
    Sleepless nights. Depressions coming on and off for many years already. I am getting better though, using herbal medicine and started doing yoga/shaman ceremonies in the forests. These days, my longings go to those times in nature.
    Not being able to hold on to a job and the ilk of a cubicle. Thinking back on working like that gives me the shivers.
    I like freedom. Being my own boss. Not answering to anyone. Authority repulses me. Every time I see or hear one, I feel this urge to chew him up and spit him out verbally. I consider them to be legitimized bullies.

    Heart chakra feeling wave after wave when going through heavy emotions.
    Don’t know if they are my own, or someone else’s emotions.
    I like animals more than humans. Since whenever I can handle being among humans, they seem to disappoint me on a daily basis until I have to take a long break from them in my bubble.
    I sometimes wish that someone else could have taken my place to confirm what I have heard from my travels, and affirm I am not completely nuts.
    However, I don’t see people’s auras. ADHD has never been any symptoms. However, dark thoughts, depression and anxiety has been close companions.
    My premonitions are far and between. But they do happen. Compared to what others experience, I feel like a novice.
    I am learning to read signposts when they occur.
    For many years, I have “known”, that my existence has a specific purpose. But I have either denied it, or tried to escape from that purpose. It is a contradiction, since I have discarded organized religion and dogmas sometime around my pimple state. I do like the core messages of all though. I see where they have good things in common, and what is redundant.

    These days, I walk around with chronic pre-apocalyptic vibes. And I haven’t gotten further in what I consider my task. I blame myself.
    More than once have I wondered…What’s wrong with me?
    Or perhaps there is nothing wrong with me at all?
    That I am just imagining that I might be “special”?
    So, now what?
    Have I come to the right place?
    Is this where I need to be?

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