Oct 15 2008

Abraham-Hicks on the Financial Crises

It has long been one of my intentions to assist as many people as possible with understanding how to be powerful co-creators here on earth. The world has seemingly been dramatically challenged in the past weeks, with bad news about the financial markets globally.

But I know a different story. I know a story of incredible power and possibility. And so does Abraham.

If you have been feeling down because of all the “bad news”, you need to watch this brief video. I believe it will help you remember who you really are — and help you get back on track.

Co-creative science is an emerging field ~ which holds enormous implications for the future of humanity. It also holds keys to your own personal power. Start with your mind.

Please add your comments here after you’ve watched this. I want to know what you think!

Many blessings of love and light,



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