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“Indigos are messengers of incredible change, love and beauty. You will know an Indigo when you meet one because they will look into your very soul.”

For parents and family: “She’s 47 years old. Her grown Indigo daughter is struggling to ‘make it’ in the real world, and is facing some challenges her mom can’t solve. The Mom is my client, and she’s finding how to coach her daughter to make choices that can have her be fully Indigo, express her highest nature, and make a living at the same time. It’s not an easy dance for an Indigo, and it’s not easy parenting one! But together they are making a difference in their lives — for the better.”**

Get the understanding, tools and strategies that really work.

For Indigo teens and young adults: “He’s 15 and he is about ready to quit school. He is tempted by drugs and alcohol to ease his growing and intolerable spiritual and emotional pain. He can’t stand the hypocrisy, the control, and the disrespect. No one understands him, and nothing around him inspires him. He wants to help people become more loving and peaceful, but no one is listening. He’s my client, and our work together is about how to be who he really is, find more support, and become who he came here to be.” **

Get someone who KNOWS to partner with you as your “walking stick”. No more struggles, just love.

For children: “He is 11 years old. He’s in trouble with his classmates because he ‘knows things’ and this makes the other children uncomfortable so they pick on him. He’s in trouble with his teachers because he doesn’t focus on the work; he seems to be daydreaming and they want to medicate him for ADD. But he doesn’t have ADD, he’s an Indigo boy, and what he daydreams about are fabulous buildings that are ecologically sustainable, and wonderful new inventions to solve our problems; and he creates beautiful music that he goes home and plays on his instruments. He’s my client, and our work is about how to be who he really is in a system that wants him to be somebody else.” **
** Case studies based on composite information about real clients, to preserve privacy for individuals.

Have fun with your growing edges, and get someone on your side to help.

Nancy Boyd is an Adult/Elder Indigo and Cultural Creatives Coach who architects possibility for Indigo children, teens, adults, and their families. Find out how YOU can get the support you are looking for. Are you Indigo? Take our quiz and see!

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